Race book opens at the Palace Casino

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Published on April 17, 2019 -

Race book opens at the Palace Casino

This morning, the very first race book on the Coast opened at the Palace Casino in Biloxi.


Race book opens at the Palace Casino

- its time to saddle up!- this morning the very first rac- book on the coast opened at - the palace casino in biloxi.- the addition of this race book- comes on the heels of the - opening of contact sports book- in august 2018 and just in- time for racing's most exciting- and popular events, the - triple crown races, starting- with the kentucky derby - on may 4.

- robert low, owner of palace - casino, is a prominent- thoroughbred owner and breeder- and is happy to combine - his two passions.

- - quick - "we are into horse racing my- wife and i- race we race in new york, we- race in new orleans, and- arkansas and of course- kentucky.

You know we love the- game.

We think this creates - - - - interest and excitement in the- casino.

Certainly does for us - and so we are very excited abou- it."- - - - and since horse race betting is- new to the coast...low tells- news 25 the key to making the - right bet is simple....just pic- the horse in the best

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