Estill County Man

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Published on April 17, 2019 -
Good Morning Kentucky

Estill County Man

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Enjoy your wednesdaygirlfo contact students for sex is set to appear in court this morning.

Dbl box:man accused of soliticing minors in court estill county high school abc 36's travis harmon-smith is following this story and joins us live in estill county.

Travis, good morning.

Livetravis soc:travis harmon-smith /tharmonsmith @tmhsmithtv erica good morning... state police say that man is charged with unlawful transaction with a minor and tampering with physical evidence after sending sexually inappropriate messages to a student.

L32-line:man accused of soliciting minor in court estill county according to k-s-p... 35-year-old torstein torsteinson is the man accused.

Investigators say his girlfriend and former estill county high school teacher 39-year-old sherry murphy is also facing charges and was aware of the conversations between him and the student.

Police say that murphy deleted the messages to keep others from finding them.

Muprhy is currently on house arrest.

Police say murphy is charged with unlawful transaction with a minor, tampering with physical evidence and failure to report child abuse/neglect.

Estill county superintendent jeff saylor says murphy has resigned from her position as spanish teacher.

He says the district believes that torsteinson had contact with more than one student and are still doing follow-ups with students.

Livetravis soc:travis harmon-smith /tharmonsmith @tmhsmithtv torsteinson is set to be in court at 9-10 this morning.

For now, i'm live in estill county this morning travis harmon-smith abc 36 news.

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