Iconic Cathedral Burning in Paris

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Published on April 15, 2019 -

Iconic Cathedral Burning in Paris

The centuries-old Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire Monday.

A Huntsville family visiting Paris talked to WAAY 31.


Iconic Cathedral Burning in Paris

We begin at four with this devastating live look at "our lady of paris" - the iconic centuries-old notre dame cathedral on fire!

The spire was destroyed and collapsed - and the fire spread to one of the church's landmark rectangular towers..

People who live close to the cathedral are now being evacuated in case of collapse!

People were praying and singing in the streets outside of the cathedral.

French president emmanuel macron is treating this fire as a national emergency..

I'm dan shaffer.

And i'm najahe sherman.

Waay 31's kody fisher just got off the phone with a huntsville family who's in paris right now, witnessing this historic tragedy.

Kody, tell us who they are and what they're seeing.

Right now the moore family is within a mile from the burning cathedral... this is a picture they sent me... they're standing near pont saint michel, which is a bridge close to the cathedral... one of the most iconic images we've seen is this right here ... the 150-year-old spire falling.

You watched it happen live right here on abc.

The moores tell me they were at dinner when that happened.

But out on the streets, hundreds upon hundreds of people are gathering near the fire, watching crews battle the flames.

Mitchell moore described the mood for me.

There's a lot of people that are upset.

A lot of the bridges along the same river that have a view to the cathedral are packed with people, not just tourists, but locals as well.

And of course everyone taking pictures and just overall sad mood.

The moores are in paris for business, but took a few days to see the sights.

They'll be back in huntsville tomorrow.

Reporting live in the studio... kody fisher...

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