US Rep. Steve King discusses immigration

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Published on April 15, 2019 -

US Rep. Steve King discusses immigration

The congressman says there are 5 qualifications he'd like all immigrants to have before they come to the United States.


US Rep. Steve King discusses immigration

Steve king is holding town hall meetings and taking questions on a multitude of issues in our area today.

Those topics include healthcare... climate change.... veterans affairs and one that has been a big talking point for him - immigration.

As k-i-m-t news three's brian tabick is learning - congressman king is discussing what qualifications he wants immigrants to have before they are allowed into the united states.

He joins us now from the newsroom - brian?xxx steve king visits n iowa-nrintro-2 amy - congerssman king is no stranger to the discussion of immigration--oft en times finding himself in hot water for his comments.

Today he is not only addressing illegal immigration - but also what he wants to see from those coming here steve king visits n iowa-pkgll-1 lowerthird2line:immigration a hot topic for us rep.

King britt, ia you let so many people into this country i mean what is the right number.

Among the several issues brought up to u-s congressman steve king - immigration is the one at the forfront.... so much so that the congressman limited some of the questions.

You want to pass that mic back?

Steve king visits n iowa-pkg-6 the fact that they asked my question was more unexpected then them taking the mic steve king visits n iowa-pkg-9 and not one everyone sees eye to eye.

Steve king visits n iowa-pkg-3 i went to canada before and i would imagine trying to cross into their country illegally.

Steve king visits n iowa-pkg-10 i believe in open boarders.

Hejlik worries not only about people coming here illegally... but that the current law allows far too many immigrants to enter the u-s legally.

How do you just handle all these people you can't handle everybody you know where do you draw the line congressman king layed out his qulifications for who he feels should be legally allowed to enter the country--those who are young- educated-have an earning capacity- capital-and are willing to assimilate.

Steve king visits n iowa-pkg-5 it's not constructive to have america that's willfully divided we need to be pulling people together into the american civilization and that's the formula i proposed quite some time back and i think it holds up well today steve king visits n iowa-pkg-11 not everyone is on board with the idea of leaving some trying to enter the country legally--out of the picture.

Mr. king statements and that he's got five qualifiers on what an immigrant should be is absolutely insane but hejlik says he understands why people would want to come to america whether it's done legally or illegally.

My heart goes out to them it's a tough situation maybe we need to raise our our numbers up i don't know / steve king visits n iowa-nrtag-2 his comments about immigration made during an interview with the new york times recently led congressman king to be relieved of his committee duties.

Coming up on kimt news 3 at ten - i'll tell you why he says the times got it wrong... and what he's doing with all his extra free time.

In the newsroom - brian tabick - kimt news 3.

/ thank you brian.

Congressman king says there will an announcement regarding his committee status coming out in the next few months.

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