Hourglass Lash and Skin Bar

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Published on March 20, 2019 -

Hourglass Lash and Skin Bar

Hourglass Lash & Skin Bar is the first lash bar in Kentucky!

We specialize in custom eyelash extensions while also providing medical grade skincare, facials, peels, brow shaping, waxing and microblading... all under the supervision of a highly trained physician.


Hourglass Lash and Skin Bar

Just ... c1 3 includes ourselves, right?!

Here to tell us about a new special are: beth hammond hourigan -- the owner of c1 3 h laugh laugh send in my appreciate it.

Thank you for th we are talking about a new razor recline tell us that easily is absolutely so i we offer a lot of things hourglass our newest thing is that we do razor that's for anyone who wants laser hair removal we are making it a horrible and easy.

You can pay $49 a month or i'm sorry the introductory is $49 a month.

That's for one area i $9 is for a to three areas of mind and it's completely pain-free is the best thing ever.

We have a new machine and it's no pain actually has a chiller on it th diode so it just feels cool and you're completely comfortable, pain-free that amazing okay we want when active men and women come out to write you a lady right we have both plenty of both you and i'm any downtime there is no downtime after the and you know i'm someone who's had the old laser hair removal for my health and when this when i was a nonbeliever in work and i didn't think it couldn't hurt and it does it does work very well and it does not hurt at all it is amazing what a is your lunchtime treat me come and get laser hair removal done once a month and women unlimited because you do three the time and it takes 4 to 6 treatments to fully remove the hair, so any year you can actually do 6 to 1 areas all a great deal of health clubs or services that you have going on right now yes always have a in club to great we don't require contracts for those who can join for three months a year two years and others exceeded 85, depending on what treatments you want how intentionally get and then we offer our last clubs for people who do isaac and 11 that every girl good take a check to the spot rate.

I'm loving it and i thought of that debate the page they had bring up hydro-facial the sound like something i need to give you the hydrogel makes years cannot make your skin glow completely relaxing awesome something i think the morning shift all of the units of taking a trip over there to do this because the morning hours in your eyes on this date get rob to individual company reassignment i have.

The more information can make sure they can contact our web site w ww.hourglass like.or they can call us at eightor they can call us at 8990 or last 4903 skin thanks much for joining thank you for lexington county into a convention tomorrow we delegate one of

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