The 'Treble' with robocalls: Woman calls for action over scam calls

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Published on March 19, 2019 -

The 'Treble' with robocalls: Woman calls for action over scam calls

Half of the calls you'll get this year on your phone will be spam, scams or fraud.


The 'Treble' with robocalls: Woman calls for action over scam calls

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Half of the calls you get this year on your phone will be spam or fraud attempts ... according to a first of its kind study by the f- c-c-.

The elderly are most at risk of falling for these robo- calls... we want to help you, help your parents and grandparents.

Leah linscheid has the answer in tonight's call for action.

((( , " nat - music "))) you could say - 78- year-old linda tate - marches to the beat of her own... ((( , " nat - music "))) ...trombone.

((( , " 53:05 "i try to stay fairly well occupied, the body and mind" "))) that's an understatement.

((( , " nat - music "))) just take a look around her home.

((( , " 52:43 "i read a lot you can see there are lots of books in here" "))) between words of wisdom from maya - a weekly visit to the local y -- and the occasional outdoor stroll for some bird sighting -- ((( , " 5335 i thought about getting my snow shoes out "))) linda's keeping her mind sharp -- ((( , " nat - music "))) and trying not to be flat.

((( , " cfa6916 0621 i haven't gone through the whole book yet so haha still working on a lot of it."

"))) she's also -- giving us a lesson -- in avoiding scam calls.

((( , " 5437 its a very tricky kind of thing "))) linda says she's gotten them frequently -- recently, one threatening to kick her off medicare.

((( , " nat - phone call "))) here's another one that came in just last week on her answering machine.

((( , " 54:59 "some of it's really much more of a threatening tone - and i always let those thigns go to voicemail if i don' recogonize the number "))) as you might imagine - linda's not someone to fall easily for such a scam.

She double- checks every number that comes in before she picks up.

((( , " 57:15 "i have it all written down on a 3x5 card i have written dowen by my phone and i can check it - and if its not on that card and it's not a legit service, they dont get called back."

57:26 "))) ((( , "aarp -- 2052 its a huge problem and it's increasingly becoming worse "))) not everyone is so savvy -- especially the elderly -- says courtney anclaim with aarp.

((( , " 21:58 "theyre more likely to answer the phone and stay on the phone and not hang up on scammers - and because they home more often they're more likely to receive those calls."

"))) a first-of-its kind report by the federal trade commission this year counts 232-thousand robocall complaints last year -- and that number is on the rise.

Maybe you think you won't fall for them - but what about your parents, or grandparents?

Start by signing up for your carrier's roboccall alert service.

At & t, verizon, us cellular and others offer services to alert you if an incoming call might be a scam.

Company policy and price can differ, so call your carrier to get the details.

And - download a call-blocking app for your cell.

It can intercept robocalls before they even ring your phone.

Nomorobo, and robokiller both have good reputations.

Locally - there are ways to see what kinds of scams are popping up in your area.

((( , " 2533 we have a scam tracker map so people can see the scams in their area being reported - can also report to ftc who always collects data "))) this is aarp's website -- where you can see what types of scams or calls are happening in your city, or even your neighborhood.

((( , " 00:33 "they will continue to call people and make them think they just need to have this thing or else" "))) linda's strategy for outsmarting scammers - doesn't need fine-tuning.

She relies on good old- fashioned skepticism.

((( , " 0023 "i've always questioned something that comes in like that something that sounds threatening."

"))) and that's music to our ears.

((( , " nat - music "))) ((( , " aarp also offers something called scam tracker presentations -- to cities, churches, nursing homes or other organizations -- where they can offer more prevention tips and resources to folks in their own homes.

If you're interested in bringing one to your neighborhood... head over to this story on channel 3000 dot com to learn how.

With this call for action, i'm

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