O'Rourke: Wisconsin is 'fundamental' to Democrats' chances of winning White House

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Published on March 18, 2019 -

O'Rourke: Wisconsin is 'fundamental' to Democrats' chances of winning White House

Former Texan Rep.

Beto O'Rourke made his second trip to Wisconsin this year, and he said he plans to make frequent stops during his campaign.


O'Rourke: Wisconsin is 'fundamental' to Democrats' chances of winning White House

How important will wisconsin be in the 20-20 election?

Political science professors point to a presidential candidate's second stop in the state this year as a tell- tale sign.

Rose schmidt takes us to a madison coffee shop... where beto o'rourke explains the badger state's importance in his campaign.

(cheers)) lining up for hours to hear the former us representative from texas.... happy saint patricks day people filled cargo coffee to full capacity... during beto o'rourke's second visit to madison in 2019... this state i fundamental to any prospect we have of electing a democrat to the presidency in 2020 :07 o'rourke says he will make frequent stops to the dairyland during his campaign... 41 here we are at the beginning of day 4, and we're in madison 44 so this state is very, very important to me 47 that's something politicial experts say you can expect to see candidates say across the board.... with more than a dozen democrats now in the running.

Charles franklin: i would be really surprised if we don't see a cavalcade of democratic candidates marquette law school poll director charles franklin says for the same reasons the democratic national convention is coming to milwaukee... democrats won't miss wisconsin.

Charles franklin 1:44 the fact that hillary clinton didn't campaign in this state gives every democart a reason to make sure that they're coming here and paying attention 1:51 franklin notes that all eyes will be on wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania... three states president trump won in 2016... after former president obama had won them twice before.

Charles franklin 1:52: all three states moved in a democratic durection in 2018 but wisconsin a bit less movement than you saw in the other two states, that makes us the pivotal state in the electoral college right now 2:04 minnesota senator amy klobuchar is the only other candidate who's come through wisconsin so far this year... she told meet the press she's contrasting herself with o'rourke.

Amy klobuchar: i have a lot of respect for beto and it's great to have some texas in this race but no, i wasn't born to run for office.

O'rourke told hundreds in madison that a crowded field of democrats is a great problem for the party to have and responded to klobuchar's comments... 56 i'm going to show as much respect as i possibly can for everyone regardless of whether they're republican, independent or democrat 1:04 regardless of whetehr they're also contending for the democratic nomination 1:07 in 2020 -- wiscosnin will be just as important for democrats as republicans... president trump stopped in the wausau area to stub for former governor walker last year.... charles franklin 1:33 so they have to make sure that the states they pulled over to them stay with them and i think that'll guarantee that the president is here frequently or vice president pence as well for that matter 44 rose schmidt news 3 now.

We reached out to the republican party of wiscosnin for comment on o'rourke's stop in madison... we have not heard back.

But the republican national committee says it's been a rough few days for o'rourke... and that he's going to have a hard time convincing progressives that he should be their nominee.

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