Egg Lady: Hershey and Egg Fluff

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Published on March 15, 2019 -
Egg Lady: Hershey and Egg Fluff

Egg Lady: Hershey and Egg Fluff

>>> c1 >>> she said, well i'm leaving for oregon in the morning and i don't know what to do with it.

I'll give you $75 for it.

I called bob and i said bob, do i have $75 in my bank account?

I'm gonna write a check.

[laughter] >>> and that's the story.

It was probably 1977.

>> alan: 1977.

And it's still working?

>>> oh my gosh, it's better than the new ones, i tell you.

So i whipped two cups of whipping cream.

And my neighbor's son is allergic to dairy, so she uses a non-dairy whipped topping and it works just fine.

I'm gonna put this in here so people can see.

Let's put the chocolate in there.

>>> that was five hershey bars.

>>> the full recipe is there.

>>> i think it had something to do with your friend who is non-dairy.

>>> yes, you can use the non-dairy topping and it works just as good.

I do like to support my friends in the dairy industry.

These are vanilla wafers and some pecans.

They get folded in there as well well.

>>> easy.

>>> would you reach behind you and hand me that big container?

This is important because most people don't know how to fold things.

From the bottom to the top.

Do not whip it, do not stir it, do not insult it.

Try to keep the hersheys and the whipping cream from beating up on each other.

>>> what happens if you over stir it?

>>> the whipping cream will deflate and you'll have hershey and egg soup.

[laughter] >>> so from here, you put it in a container.

This is an old thing that you don't see very much.

The original recipe was made at the wedding rehearsal dinner of a woman named sue hill.

In a few hours, it will be like this.

>>> we'll be right back.

We'll wrap things up with the egg lady when we come back.

>>> we are back.

Colton and i have kind of moved ahead and we're at the final product here.

>>> so easy to make.

So good.

>>> yes.

>>> it's fantastic.

>>> when this recipe was served at her wedding reception, hershey bars were a nickel a piece.

Eggs were 60 cents a dozen.

I bought my eggs at a well known box store.

Five dozen for $3.30.

You could live on eggs.

They're so good and versatile and delicious.

>>> protein, healthiness.

They're versatile.

>>> versatile, you name it.

>>> so where are you taking your show on the road to next?

>>> i'll be in joplin and springfield.

>>> moving around our state.

>>> and i have a great egg lady in st.

Louis, so i don't have to go to st.

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