Ethiopia sends its plane's black boxes to Europe

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Published on March 13, 2019 - Duration: 02:06s

Ethiopia sends its plane's black boxes to Europe

The black box from the Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed on Sunday will be sent to Europe for analysis, an Ethiopian Airlines spokesman said on Wednesday.

Anna Bevan reports.


Ethiopia sends its plane's black boxes to Europe

Ethiopian Airlines says it will send the black boxes from its crashed Boeing 737 MAX overseas to be analyzed.

Ethiopia doesn't have the capacity to examine the black box voice and data recorders itself and will reportedly send them to Europe to find out what caused Sunday's (March 10) crash of the passenger jet, travelling from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, that killed 157 people.

On Wednesday (March 13) an airline spokesman said the pilot of the crashed plane had reported flight control problems and asked to return.

It's the second fatal accident involving the newly-launched 737 MAX 8 aircraft in five months.

The pilot of Sunday's deadly incident was trained on the Boeing 737 MAX 8 after October's crash in Indonesia, according to the airline.

No link has been proven between the two crashes, but a growing number of nations - including the European Union - have suspended flights of the aircraft following concerns about the plane's safety.

Adding to pressure on Boeing, Norwegian Air said Wednesday it will seek compensation from the U.S. plane maker after grounding its fleet of 737 MAX aircraft.

Boeing says it has "full confidence" in the safety of the aircraft.

And, for now, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and U.S. airlines are standing by Boeing and keeping the plane in the air, says Reuters Correspondent Eric Johnson.

(SOUNDBITE) (English) ERIC JOHNSON, REUTERS CORRESPONDENT, SAYING: "U.S. carriers, so far are saying: ' so we're waiting for more data; we're carefully monitoring the situation.'

At this point there is no data that's been released that links the two incidents, the Lion Air and the Ethiopian Airlines disaster.

People are carefully watching it.

But different nations have different reasons for deciding to ground their fleets.

As Boeing has pointed out in a statement this morning.

It respects the decision of various nations to ground its fleets and will work with them, providing technical consulting or any other information they need as the investigation plays out." For the grieving families, it may be some time before they get any answers.

Ethiopian Airlines said it would take at least five days to start handing the remains of those killed back to their families.

But it could be weeks or months before all victims are identified.

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