WCBI News at Six - March 5, 2019

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Published on March 6, 2019 -
WCBI News at Six - March 5, 2019

WCBI News at Six - March 5, 2019

Good evening and thanks for joining us... investigators positively identify a monroe county man found shot to death in his back yard.

Monroe county coroner alan gurley says he's confident that steven huebner is the person that was found at a buck road home this past friday.

Huebner died of multiple gunshots.

A complete autopsy is continuing at the state medical examiner's office in pearl.

Steven huebner's wife, ellen, is charged with murder.

She turned herself in to the monroe county sheriff's department yesterday and has been released on a 150 thousand dollar bond.

A starkville man faces burglary and embezzlement charges.

Monday, starkville police arrested terrell ward.

Investigators say the 35 year old, faces one count each, on felony embezzlement and commercial burglary charges.

Both incidents occurred at curio candles on highway 12 in starkville.

If you have any additional information, call police, or crime stoppers.

Ward's bond was set at 20 thousand dollars..

A traffic stop in clay county leads to two drug arrests.

Clay county deputies along with the mississippi bureau of narcotics made the stop on sixth street in west point.

Inside the vehicle investigators found 330 suspected ecstasy pills, powder and fragments, and marijuana.

Jamel johnson is charged with trafficking mdma, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and possession of marijuana.

Trevail gandy had an active warrant.

He is also charged with possession of mdma, possession of pot, as well as traffic violations.

His bond is set at just over 6 thousand dollars.

Johnson's bond is set at 15 thousand, but he remains in jail on a hold from m-d- o-c the case is still under investigation.

A suspicious person call ends with a cedar bluff woman charged with possession of meth.

Deputies responded to the call at the love's truck stop in west point..

During the investigation the k-9 unit found a small amount of suspected methamphetamin e..

27-year-old maegan clark was arrested.

Clark's bond is set at 5- thousand dollars.

Elections for state and county offices are this year.

And candidates will be asking for your vote.

But some mississippians have lost the right to cast a ballot.

Wcbi's stephanie poole joins us live in studio to explain why.

It is all about being convicted of a felony.

If someone you know serves time for a serious charge in mississippi, he or she will probably lose their voice in government.

And the only way to get that vote back - is to go through jackson.

Voting is one of the most important responsibilities we have as citizens.

But in mississippi, if you are convicted of specific crimes, you lose that right.

In fact there are 22 crimes that will strip you of your vote.

Ike brown knows that first hand.

In 1995 he lost his voting rights.

Brown served time for voter fraud.

But he asked state lawmakers to give him back his vote.

It's called an individual appeal.

A bill introduced by his attorney and passed in jackson.

Brown can vote again.

These days he works as a community activist in noxubee county.

He has helped several others go through the same process.

Lowndes county circuit clerk teresa barksdale says to restore the right of suffrage, it begins with legislature.

"you have to initiate that with someone in the legislature, or the senate.

They have to be the one to introduce it as a bill in the house and then it has to go through the house floor and had to be voted on by each uh office and ultimately signed off by the governor."

Barksdale says that in lowndes county she doesn't see many cases.

If a person is convicted of a violent crime, his or her name is purged from the voter rolls.

It's the same with arson and robbery, along with other financial crimes.

"predominately most of our crimes here in lowndes county are drug related."

And a person who has served time on a drug charge can still vote.

Teresa barksdale says that no one has yet been given back their right to vote since she's been in office.

First look stinger first look tonight: temperatures will fall into the low 20s under a clear sky.

Look for wind chills to be in the teens during the wednesday morning hours.

North winds continue between 5-10 mph.

Wednesday: chilly and sunny again.

High temperatures remain in the 40s, with overnight lows in the low 20s area-wide wednesday night.

Look for north there will be at least three new state senators in north mississippi next year.

Republican nickey browning of pontotoc, along with russell jolly of houston and j.p.

Wilemon jr. of belmont are all retiring.

Jolly and wilemon are democrats.

Browning has served in the senate the longest.

He was first elected in 1996.

The primary election to replace the men is august sixth.

Today kicks off the 2019 legislative session in alabama.

It starts with governor kay ivey and other lawmakers pushing for a gas tax increase.

Meaning, you'd pay 10-cents more at the pump.

Our jory tally talks to businesses and drivers about the proposal and joins us in the studio with more.

If the governor ivey's plan passes, the gas tax would be phased in over three years.

In year three, the gas tax would be ten cents higher than it is right now for gasoline and diesel fuel.

Ivey believes the full increase would bring-in 300 million, paving the way for smoother highways.

There's talk of costs going up at the pump for alabamians.

Governor kay ivey is pushing a state-wide 10-cent gas tax increase bill during this legislative session.

The bill is already pumping up debate across the state.

Eskridge trucking in vernon, alabama hopes lawmakers will pump the brakes on this bill and look at the impacts it could have on businesses.

"our diesel fuel bill now is probably $15,000 to $20,000 a month already, so fuel is our biggest, well fuel and employees, expense."

Dispatcher and safety director mike gideon says a gas tax hike could lead to higher prices in stores for shoppers.

"it would cost our transportation costs to go up and not only that, everything that's delivered to grocery stores, or any merchandise sold is going to go up.

It's going to and for people in rural areas like this, their income is kind of low anyway compared to most of the state and it's going to be tough on people like that, because everything they go to buy is going to be more expensive."

State leaders say money from the tax spike would spill over to improving roads and bridges across alabama.

It would also support improvements to the port in mobile.

"this is my opinion and i think maybe the big cities like birmingham, huntsville, tuscaloosa ,montgomery, mobile, i'm just afraid that most of the money would go to those places and the mobile docks and stuff like that, even though they say the money is earmarked, i'm concerned about that too."

Susan crotwell believes cranking up the costs on gas wouldn't roll over to where state leaders say it will.

"i don't know what they do with it, but they haven't obviously been fixing the roads in vernon, already so you know, i just don't believe that's what they'll use it for."

Many drivers in vernon agree.

Even the alabama republican party has officially rejected the idea.

Some in montgomery say the proposal is running on fumes.

"gas is too expensive already.

It goes up-and-down for no reason at all that you can see and if i'm going to buy gas, you can see i have a little small car, so i can drive 30 miles to another gas station.

I can drive to mississippi and buy gas if i have to and i will."

Governor kay ivey will deliver the annual state of the state speech at 6:30 at the state capitol.

Centred up a local manufacturer is looking to hire more than two dozen people in a short amount of time.

Airbus helicopters in lowndes county says they need aircraft technicians, inspectors and engineers now.

Airbus held a job fair today where dozens came out for interviews.

Vice president of industry mike spears says airbus is looking to add up to 40 full time employees to the company.

He says he hopes those hires happen in the next 90 days.

"we're looking for someone obviously skilled in the aviation field.

With also a good work ethic, a good moral background, integrity.

We want someone who's ready to come to work and produce a product."

Airbus helicopters employees about 23-thousand people world wide.

If you're interested in applying just visit airbus-dot- com.

Stinger some columbus students enjoy a little fat tuesday fun... we take you to the celebration when we come back... centred welcome back... a 5k that took the place of "race for the cure" has provided hundreds of potentially life saving tests to area residents..

The second annual "hope continues" 5 k raised 50 thousand dollars for mammograms and other medical tests for people in a sixteen county area of northeast mississippi.

That race began in 2017 after komen closed its tupelo office, discontinuing the annual race for the cure..

"hope continues" provided 239 diagnostic tests .

Organizers say more sponsors help even more people.

"we specifically want to reach out to business owners in the sixteen counties of north mississippi, it doesn't matter f you're a small family owned business or large corporation, anything you can do can help."

"we audited clinics this year to be sure the money was allocated appropriately and we re funded the clinics this year with actually more money, we were able to raise more money in the 2018 event."

"hope continues 5k" takes place the last saturday in october.

Centred up students at annunciation catholic school get in the spirit of mardi gras today... the school held its annual mardi gras parade this afternoon... this year's theme was mardi gras round up.

7th graders teamed up with kindergarteners to lead the parade and pass out moon pies and authentic beads from the streets of new orleans.

The moon pies symbolize the origins of mardi gras in mobile, alabama where the sweet treat is a favorite throw..

Teachers say they are getting the children ready for ash wednesday tomorrow, which marks the beginning of lent - a time of reflection, prayer, and fasting.

Stinger weather open tonight: temperatures will fall into the low 20s under a clear sky.

Look for wind chills to be in the teens during the wednesday morning hours.

North winds continue between 5-10 mph.

Wednesday: chilly and sunny again.

High temperatures remain in the 40s, with overnight lows in the low 20s area-wide wednesday night.

Look for north winds to continue.

Thursday: we remain dry but some clouds build in the afternoon as south winds return.

That alone will help our highs to climb into the 50s, with lows in the upper 40s.

Friday: a mostly cloudy sky with scattered showers is expected.

Temperatures are back seasonal with highs in the 60s.

Look for lows friday night to fall into the 50s.

The quest for a state title continues on in jackson...highlig hts from this afternoon games are coming up next in sports spx open back-to-back regular season titles...back-to- back final four appearances...an d the number one seed in the sec tournament it's impossible to ignore the amount of success mississippi state has found in recent years...including this one..

But they say you're only as good as the company you keep... well vic schaefer and teaira mccowan are some phenomenal company to keep both have been awarded sec honors...schaefe r named as sec coach of the year and mccowan named as sec player of the year schaefer joins an exclusive list to be awarded the honor three or more times and mccowan is the first bulldog to receiver the honor since altoya thomas in 2003 another tough match-up lies ahead tonight for the bulldog men... one of two games left in the sec regular season...and a top 5 battle nonetheless..

Msu heads to tennessee to take on the fifth ranked volunteers..not only would this be a big win as we get closer to the big dance but the bulldogs are currently one of five teams with an 9-7 record in sec play so a 10th sec win against a ranked team would be huge but will be a challenge especially for msu on the road howland: "there's a lot of good players in this league as you've pointed out.

A lot of, you know, teams that have multiple really good players on our teams. especially as you look at the top of the league.

We've got a number of teams that do.

Those two guys have been consistent the last two years.

They've got them in position to win a second sec championship with two games left so they're playing for a lot."

2a girls state semifinals.

Calhoun city facing off against west lincoln.

1st quarter, west lincoln came out ready to hoop!

Megan gerald dots elizabeth stogner in the corner for the j.

West lincoln goes up 3 early.

2nd quarter now wildcats ball, tekeitris honey on the break, finds a'jayla mays for the layup.

Wildcats down 1.

Then right before the half, skylar hall finds katelyn dickerson for the bank shot before half.

Wildcats trail by 2.

Now it's the 4th quarter, wildcats down 7.

Conley langford gives it to quay bailey who makes it in the post cutting into the lead.

Down 3 tekeitris honey puts up the last chance shot for the cats, in and out and it's no good.

Calhoun city loses and finish the season with a 30-2 record.

The final in this one is west lincoln 53 calhoun city 50.

Ingomar taking on north forest.

Winner plays in the championship game.

1st quarter, north forest gets the first points in the game.

Domonyque moore pulls the deep 3.


Eagles take the early 3-0 lead.

Now 2nd quarter, falcons up 1.

Hunter bynum hits a cutting trent bradley for the score putting ingomar up 3.

Next ingomar possession, trent bradley putting on the moves nathan weeden in the corner.


Falcons up 6.

Then before half, bradley drives and kicks to brandon keys who penetrates and hits the baby pullup off the glass.

Ingomar up 8 at half.

Now it's the 4th quarter, ingomar up 1 with 30 seconds left.

Kelon hall passes to zach shugars who breaks the press and makes the layup putting ingomar ahead by 3 and they go onto close the deal.

Ingomar advances to the championship game winning by a final score ingomar 36 north forest 31.

The falcons will play bay springs in the 2a state championship on friday look stinger last look

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