Illinois Rep. who criticized Evers' removal of troops says he was exercising freedom of speech

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Published on February 27, 2019 -

Illinois Rep. who criticized Evers' removal of troops says he was exercising freedom of speech

The office of Republican U.S. Rep.

Adam Kinzinger said he was exercising his First Amendment right when he criticized Democratic Gov.

Tony Evers' decision to remove Wisconsin National Guard members from Arizona.


Illinois Rep. who criticized Evers' removal of troops says he was exercising freedom of speech


Thanks for staying with news three now... an illinois congressman is defending his criticism of governor evers' tonight over his decision to withdraw wisconsin national guard members from the southern border.

Republican representative adam kinzinger -- who is an off duty guard member... says he has the right to exercise his freedom of speech.

Rose schmidt is here to explain this controversy.

Governor evers' decision to order the removal of national guard soliders and airmen is being met with widespread criticism... notably from a guard member himself.... who tweeted asking if evers made the decision based solely on politics.

Wisconsin national guard troops will make their way back to the badger state... after governor tony evers says there is no justification to keep them there.

16:08:28 that's a decision that's made at a lot higher level than us in the wisconsin national guard 33 we're proud of our service members who answered that call but at this time we're bringing them home 40 but one of those members is not happy with the decision... adam kinzinger... a republican congressman from illinois.

((( , "15:09:05 i'm curious if the governor of wisconsin ever bothered to go down and see what his men and women were doing in the border to support border patrol and protect the wisconsin community 14 because when i was there, he never showed up 16 "))) kinzinger tweeted that he was disappointed evers is ordering the troop's removal... and went on fox news to voice his support for president trump's emergency declaration.

((( , "15:08:06 we saw a lot of groups coming across the border illegally 09 but we saw a lot of drugs, we saw a lot of human trafficking 13 "))) now the national guard says it is looking into whether to discipline him... but the congressman's office called the idea that a member of the national guard can't speak freely when off-duty "absurd" and not in accordance with wisconsin state law.

The guard says despite kinzinger's comments about what he saw... it is important to note that all soldiers and airmen are serving in roles like camera operators, pilots and analysts... and not engaged in combat of any kind.

((( , "16:06:42 none of the wisconsin troops were serving directly on the border or interacting with individuals entering the country 50 they were serving in those support and administrative roles 53 to support customs and border patrol 55"))) there are currently 112 wisconsin guard members serving in arizona.

After they come back to our state -- they will be released from active duty... and most will return to their other

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