Facebook Is Shutting Down Its Sneaky, Data-Harvesting VPN

Credit: Wochit
Published on February 22, 2019 - Duration: 00:53s

Facebook Is Shutting Down Its Sneaky, Data-Harvesting VPN

Facebook’s Onavo VPN app has been dying a slow death since it was exposed as a clandestine data collection monster last year.

The app was pulled from the iOS app store for violating Apple’s rules and now Facebook has voluntarily decided to remove it from Google Play, according to Gizmodo.

At the very least, the move seems to signal that the social network is becoming more aware of the risks its creepy privacy practices pose.

The VPN service offered users an app to help monitor their data usage and limit background activities on their smartphone.

But Onavo was also collecting market research on the time users spent on apps, the websites they visit, as well as their country of origin, device, and network type.

Facebook recognized that all that info could be very powerful in its data-hungry hands and shelled out somewhere around $200 million for the company.


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