Fire at Former Hard Rock Music Park

Credit: WTAT
Published on February 18, 2019 -
Myrtle beach sc

Fire at Former Hard Rock Music Park

I going that rain come back in the forgotten which day this week we could be near eighty degrees the breaking news update write down every county fire sparked a former music park in myrtle beach ignited last night but continues to be a problem well into the morning our sleeves cooper from our ori counter sister station reporting on that developing story.

Yeah good morning in more than six hours after this fire started you can see crews still on scene here there's only one engine on scene and that's because i'm told they're still here just monitoring hot spots in the meantime now this property was the old hard rock property and that has been vacant for about ten years now but ig feinstein says there was no power to this building anymore not say that suspicious at this time now most of the fire was inside you can see in this video not a lot of planes coming from the outside he sells me that most of it just inside this building here now this was a three alarm fire close to one hundred fire crews did respond before midnight now to give some background on this property the hard rock property part open as a fifty five acre theme park back in two thousand and eight with that company filed for bankruptcy and sold it was reopened as the freestyle music park in two thousand and nine with that company actually shut down only after one season in recent months just last month.

This property sold for three and half million dollars to a myrtle beach attorney and a former myrtle beach area chamber of commerce chairman of the most recent information we have of this property so far this morning and again freeze will continue their investigation here at the old hard rock park theme park as daylight comes because they say they can get a better idea of exactly

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