O'Rourke hits Wisconsin during Midwest swing

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Published on February 15, 2019 -

O'Rourke hits Wisconsin during Midwest swing

Beto O'Rourke says during a visit to Wisconsin that before deciding whether he will join the increasingly crowded field of Democrats running for president in 2020, he wants to meet with voters in the "most honest, raw, real way possible."


O'Rourke hits Wisconsin during Midwest swing

Thanks for staying with news 3-- a potential 2020 presidential candidate is in wisconsin tonight.... and we're taking a closer look at the role our state will play in that election.

Rose schmidt is live at the education building on campus... where beto o'rourke will meet with students.

Beto o'rourke is scheduled to speak behind these doors in just a few minutes in an event closed to the press... he's a former congressman from texas.... and the first of what will likely be many potential candidates to come through the badger state this year.

( (((canon "12:38:30 he's clearly in the mode of exploring a possible run for president 34 "))) beto o'rourke may have lost the race for us senate in texas... but he's making a name for himself on the national , presidential stage... (((canon "12:40:55 we're definitlely seeing it heating up more and more it seems like announcing every week 59 it's going to be a huge democratic field 41:01"))) professor david canon says there's no doubt that wisconsin will play a large role in the race... as one of about half a dozen battleground states.... and a place where the former democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton did not campaign.

(((canon " 12:40:20 but donald trump carrying our state in 2016 i think definitely showed an democratic candidate in 2020 they can't take wisconsin for granted 29 "))) and that -- he says -- may just be o'rourke's strategy.... as he came to milwaukee this afternoon... (((orourke: 15:02:04 if we decide to run i'll make my case, i'll tell my story but right now i'm really interested in hearing other people's stories and what they think that they can do for the country 14 )))) and following former vp joe biden last year... o'rourke will be the latest potential democratic candidate to stop at u-w madison... (((isaac 12:48:32 he really is just wanting to come to madison to connect with students 35 and get a sense of where we are 38 what sort of issues we're thinking about 40 )))) isaac johnson is the president of the political science student association... the organization responsible for getting o'rourke to campus.

((isaac 12:48:00 it actually was kind of a whirlwind, we found out that he was going to be here on friday 03 on tuesday this week 05)) 2020 may seem like a long way away... but it's never too early for o'rourke to try and appeal to college students... the hardest demographic to get to the polls.

((( , "12:42:49 he's kind of like barack obama was in 2008 i mean obama also had strong followings on college campuses, really did kind of energize that youth base 59"))) o'rourke has a meet and greet with students from 6-7 tonight.

And amy klobuchar... is headed to eau claire tomorrow.

She's a us senator from minnesota who announced she will run for president.... thanks rose.

The republican party of wisconsin is releasing a statement in response to o'rourke's visit... saying "o'rourke is just the latest example of a democrat primary field stumbling over itself to determine who is more out of touch

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