The Coolest Features of Ford's New Mustang Shelby

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Published on February 7, 2019 - Duration: 02:10s

The Coolest Features of Ford's New Mustang Shelby

Ford Motor Co.

Just announced the release of its newest Mustang Shelby in 2020.

Ford's Performance Marketing Manager, Jim Owens called it a "fire breathing monster." See the break-down of what the car is and who it will sell to here.

Let's start with the coolest part of the car: The Engine It's a 5.2 liter cross-plane crank that's got a 2.7 liter super charger, which can produce over 700 horse power.

The Technology This car has a self-centering hood pin, which enhances that drive-down-the-race track experience.

The Breaks The breaks are "massive," said Owens.

They are "the biggest breaks we've ever put on a passenger car in the United States," he added.

This break can stop the car as it goes at high speeds.

The break system is somewhat linked to automated technology as well.

The Aerodynamics This allows the car to go at high speeds with minimal drag, something eager racers love in their experience in the car.

The Wing There's a wing on the back of the car, which is built in Michigan.

That's where the wing is put together, but some of the parts are sourced from around the globe.

Driver's Seat "It's more shaped like a cockpit, Owens said.

Ford is creating a self-driving car.

See RealMoney's deep coverage of what value the new product can bring to the table for this old American brand.


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