Huawei under fire from European forces

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Published on February 6, 2019 - Duration: 01:29s

Huawei under fire from European forces

Tech giant Huawei faced unfriendly fire on Tuesday (February 5) from multiple powers across Europe - each weighing new restraints against the company following allegations it cooperated with Chinese spies.

Lauren Anthony reports.


Huawei under fire from European forces

Huawei is coming under fresh fire from all sides in Europe.

Multiple powers weighing new restraints on the Chinese tech titan.

Germany's Economy Minster said Tuesday (February 5) that only secure technology could be used to build the country's 5G network.

Peter Altmaier speaking after allegations that Huawei has cooperated with Chinese spies.

But he insisted any new enforcement measures would apply to all providers - with no exceptions.

Chancellor Angela Merkel was also weighing in earlier.

She wants reassurances over Huawei's handling of data before it gets to build the country's next-generation 5G mobile network.

Then there's the French Senate.

Lawmakers there debating whether to toughen controls on telecoms equipment.

Meanwhile a Czech cyber watchdog has predicted that Huawei will be left out of more state tenders after the country's tax authority excluded them.

That announcement coming the same day as the U.S. said it was urging allies not to buy Huawei equipment for their 5G networks.

The Chinese firm has faced international scrutiny in over its government ties - not least concerns that its equipment could feature backdoors for Beijing spies.

Last month, the United States shut Chinese vendors out of government contracts on security grounds.

Huawei denies the existence of any back doors, and all suggestions that it feeds information to the Chinese government.

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