Lunar Eclipse Super Blood Wolf Moon

Credit: KHSL
Published on January 21, 2019 -
Sunday, Jan. 20, 2019 is the day of a total lunar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse Super Blood Wolf Moon

Spencer night sky-gazers across the country will be able catch a glipse of a rare super blood moon.

Vo it looks like it wont be quite clear enough for us to see here tonight but the "super blood wolf moon" total lunar eclipse will travel across the continental united states during prime time for viewing.

The total eclipse will begin minutes just before nine p-m in on the west coast will last for about an hour.

The best viewing is from north and south america, according to national geographic.

Sot full "orbit is not circular, it spends time a little further from the earth, it spends time a little closer to the earth and it just so happens that during its closer part to the earth, so folks call it a super moon."

Vo partial eclipses leading up to and following the total eclipse mean the entire event will

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