Rams vs. Saints preview

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Published on January 17, 2019 -

Rams vs. Saints preview

We are just four days away from the NFC Championship game in the Big Easy with the Saints taking on the Los Angeles Rams.


Rams vs. Saints preview

Filling in for- jeff haeger.

We - are just four days away from th- nfc championship- game in the big easy with the - saints taking on the los- angeles rams. - if this battle is anything like- their week nine - matchup, the who dat nation can- expect a shootout.- the rams are coming off of a- 30-22 victory against the - cowboys in the divisional round- the rushing attack was crucial- - - - with backup running back c.j.

- anderson having 123 yards on th- ground with two touchdowns.

The- black and gold are getting- - - - mentally ready for round two of- this showdown,- understanding this is their - ticket to the superbowl in- atlanta.- - brees,"obviously, we played the midseason and it was a hard - fought game on both sides of th- ball.

I think we had a- feeling then that we aspire to- be in this situation.

We all ha- a feeling that they were- - - - going to be the team that we- might face again...so here we - are."

Ingram, "we are going to have t get our game plan together.

You- know, look at the - tape and see what we had succes- on, what we didn't have success- - - - on..

And try to prepare to have- a good game."

The last time these two nfc - powerhouses collided, they- score a combined total of 80- points..

That's - a

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