Gasoline Tanker Overturns in Jackson County

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
Published on January 13, 2019 -
Fuel was Successfully Transferred into Another Tanker, No Injuries

Gasoline Tanker Overturns in Jackson County

Right now ... the intersection of highways 40 and 71 in jackson county is back open.

Crews worked for 5 hours today getting a gasoline truck back on the road ... after safely moving thousands of gallons of gas to another tanker.

Waay 31's brittany collins talked with neighbors who heard the the truck slip into a precarious situation early this morning.

Jackson county officials tell me the fully loaded gas truck that partly turned over did not leak and there were no injuries.

Pkg jenila murphy-- like most everyone else -- was sound asleep early saturday morning...but then... i heard a real loud noise, like something had hit something.

I didn't get up because i was in bed.

When she saw flashing police lights through her window ... she figured it was something serious.

So then i did get up and there was stuff all over the place and cars all over there.

That big tanker had turned off into the ditch on 71.

Murphy told me the truck driver was trying to take a short cut through the parking lot of country cafe...when turning on highway 71, the gas truck made a bad turn ... slipping into a ditch.

That is a deep ditch and the driveways are narrow.

The road was shut down.

So crews could cut into the tank to transfer 6 thousand gallons of fuel into another tanker.

They also had to turn off the gas and electricity at country cafe for a few hours.

They could turn and go around another road and go back out 71 down further.

I later learned that driver worked for jat oil inc.

Outside of the minor damage to the tanker, the driver was able to drive it back home.

I'm very thankful nothing bad happened.

Just a bad accident, but everybody was safe, so that's what counts.

Look live the vice president of jat oil inc told me the company will re-reimburse the country cafe for any money it missed out on while they had to close.

Reporting in jackson co brittany collins waay 31

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