Trump Pushes Back Against Kelly's Remark: 'Concrete Wall Was Never Abandoned'

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Published on December 31, 2018 - Duration: 00:44s

Trump Pushes Back Against Kelly's Remark: 'Concrete Wall Was Never Abandoned'

President Trump on Monday posted another tweet on border security.

President Trump on Monday pushed back against outgoing White House Chief of Staff John Kelly's recent remark that an all-concrete border wall was pulled from consideration some time ago.  Trump said via Twitter: "An all concrete Wall was NEVER ABANDONED, as has been reported by the media.

Some areas will be all concrete but the experts at Border Patrol prefer a Wall that is see through (thereby making it possible to see what is happening on both sides).

Makes sense to me!"  In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Kelly stated: "To be honest, it's not a wall."  He went on to explain that, during consultations with border patrol personnel, "They said, 'Well we need a physical barrier in certain places, we need technology across the board, and we need more people.'"  "The president still says 'wall' — oftentimes frankly he'll say 'barrier' or 'fencing,' now he's tended toward steel slats," Kelly continued.

"But we left a solid concrete wall early on in the administration, when we asked people what they needed and where they needed it." Trump has posted numerous tweets on the border wall since a partial government shutdown went into effect over its funding.

"We will be forced to close the Southern Border entirely if the Obstructionist Democrats do not give us the money to finish the Wall & also change the ridiculous immigration laws that our Country is saddled with.

Hard to believe there was a Congress & President who would approve!" Trump tweeted on Friday.


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