Teacher Holiday Gift Ideas They Will Love

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Published on November 28, 2018 - Duration: 01:04s

Teacher Holiday Gift Ideas They Will Love

Give your teacher something they will really love for their holiday gift with these tips from Keri Lumm.


Teacher Holiday Gift Ideas They Will Love

The Holiday season gives parents a chance to thank their child’s teacher with a well-deserved gift.????Here are a few ideas from this regular parent.????Fresh flowers are a treat that a teacher will enjoy and like most of us, probably doesn’t buy themselves.

????A bottle of wine is often welcomed by the teacher and if you personalize it like this one on Etsy that says: “our Child might be the reason you drink”, they will like it even more.????Business Insider Suggests Shari’s Berries, again, the teacher can enjoy it or even share it with family and friends saving them the time and hassle of making their own treats to share.????New York Magazine suggests these amaki bath salts so that the teacher can relax at home after a long day with your kids.????But let’s not overlook a teacher’s favorite gift, and that is the gift of cold hard cash.????I’ve asked friends who are teachers and they all agree this is best.

Better for every kid to just give them 5 or 10 bucks so they can have a nice little bit of money to do what they want.????Or simply have the Room Parent collect the money and give the teacher one lump sum from everyone and send a nice card.????It’s easy for the parent and great for the teacher.

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