5 Ways to Survive a Holiday Breakup

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Published on November 27, 2018 - Duration: 01:26s

5 Ways to Survive a Holiday Breakup

If you're going through a breakup during the holidays, it can be hard to be full of cheer.

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5 Ways to Survive a Holiday Breakup

The holidays are supposed to be merry and bright!????But if you’re going through a breakup, it can be hard to see the light; no matter how dazzling the tree is.????Especially if you’re asked at every party why you’re single.????Think of this as a survival guide to make it through the holidays if you’re going through a breakup.????Take it from relationship experts Bustle, Health.com and Cosmopolitan spoke with.????1.

Rearrange your calendar????It’s normal to plan for things in advance, usually with your partner in mind.????If you had a vacation booked together during the holidays, go with a friend who makes you happy!????And allow yourself to cancel on plans that could make you uncomfortable.????A get-together with their friends is OK to skip.????2.

Dodge awkward conversations????A good way to avoid awkward conversations from friends and family is to get someone to do your dirty work for you, so you don’t have to explain the reason for the breakup 1,000 times; forcing you to relive painful memories.????3.

Take a break from social media????Taking a break from social media is good advice for any breakup, not just during the holidays.????If you’re not over your ex, you could spend your time obsessing over whether or not they saw your posts or you could be bombarded by posts of your ex having a great holiday without you.????4.

Return their gifts ASAP????Returning gifts you bought for your ex is like removing a Band-Aid.????It’s better than re-gifting it to someone else close to you, because it could strike up memories of your old flame.????You’ll get your money back, and peace of mind.????5.

Take it easy on the junk food and booze????The holidays are all about eating lots of food and it’s normal to reach for the ice cream and wine after a breakup.????But one drink too many and before you know you’re drunk dialing your ex.????The only thing you should say to them anyway is “thank you, next!”

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