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Kay blevins >> you will naturally fall down the 20 we are so 100 and in the ring we have some advice to you how to get your cheapest thanksgiving meal plus the best deals for black friday what the deal was to try to talk to nurses during us now she is the super coupon lady you find her on line she always has a bunch of good deal out there the best deal but helpful but about where folks can get the cheapest thanksgiving meal that taste great yes so this year on average a holiday meal is the cost about $48 for 10 people a person which is a great deal and i am a loving publics this year their turkeys are $.49 a pound which is the lowest you can find $.39 a pound for sweet potatoes and their bakery pumpkin pies which are really great are only 399 which is the steel and if you buy all of the ingredients actually make a you looking at what may be 1820 by gaseous you are really good pies the urinal love is under five dollars a person that you do you do and you and you can even do it cheaper if you take my advice and if those publics turkeys for $.49 a pound that's really going to lower your bottom line okay ra so why friday is right around the corner this friday so excited and so excited i there's a lot of great deals out there for both tell us what is the hot item this year the people are trying to get on the nintendo switch is going to be huge this year self on average you'll fin out for about 299 at your best deal is going to be a kohls which you will the entire package will be 329 but you wil get $90 in cold cash so essentially it's like you're paying 239 out so well that is pretty good you'll network you will work like target and walmart both have the were for $200 as well as the xbox so that is a great deal what you want t grab a woman always at the door but the tvs such great deals now you get a 40 extra hundred dollars while the fat inches in the rain dollars and get you a good price on video games and the new development all to be t go with you all for your christmas ready i argue the toss to tell us what time of day and night should folks go out and try to get these deals is aimed like he gets earlier and earlie but then a lot of stores this year i've actually decided they're not can openers for something yes that is true and a lot of deal like you said will be online so some of your buses you won't be able to get online with their other sales you can so kohls will start their onlin at 1 o'clock in the morning on things giving i target has artie's target some of this there are red cardholders and a lot of this was on thanksgiving day will be opening around i p.m.

Known as the better it will probably work friday or just wait till 71 to i wait and you go out on friday the you is the really and you can get some really great deal now enjoying everyone and thank you talk so much for coming in this morning at bozeman for more information and they didn't catch all the deal what can they do they go to my website to the coupon and you can also find me on facebook twitter insta graham the cuba lady you got some really good deals folks i' not kidding i've been following every year she's been doing thi

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