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Tased by a deputy in hamilton county.

We'll have the latest on the investigation.

And as the rain keeps coming, some downtown businesses complain that the city is to blame for their flooding.

Those stories straight ahead on news 12 now at 6.

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A man is dead after deputies say they were forced to use a taser to restrain him.

News 12's amber worthy is live in the studio with what we know about the investigation.

Deputies say they responded to a home on massengale hollow in harrison just before 10 pm last night.

That's where deputies say they made contact with jeremy conn who was accused of causing the disorder.

Deputies say conn ran and later tried to fight them.

Deputies used a taser to quote gain control of conn.

While waiting for ems, conn became unresponsive and deputies performed cpr.

Conn was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead..

It is department policy to have ems come check out suspects who have been tased by law enforcement.

The deputies involved are on administrative leave with pay and the criminal investigation division is investigating.

In the studio amber worthy news 12 now.

The suspect in a fatal shooting involving multiple people in grundy county remains in the hospital.

37-year-old john wesley smith of marion county is accused of opening fire in a home in altamont on sunday.

He is accused of shooting his wife 32-year old carolyn powell, her acquaintance 38-year-old christopher gary hurst and his father-in-law jerone powell.

Officials say jerone powell returned fire hitting smith in the head.

Mrs. powell was pronounced dead at the scene.

The suspect and the two other victims are being treated at local hospitals.

Jury selection got underway today in the murder trial of jay thomas burlison.

He's on trial in whitfield county criminal court.

Burlison is accused of killing ernest griffin at a convenience store in rocky face in 1984.

He is also accused of shooting his estranged wife, mary burlison, who survived.

Burlison was located in lawrenceburg tennessee earlier this year.

An 18 year old is behind bars facing several charges in connection with a carjacking and kidnapping in chattanooga.

Gordon ray's arrest affidavit says there are possibly three other suspects.

The incident was reported around 5 am sunday when chattanooga police responded to a hospital to speak with the victim.

She told police that she was on west 38th street around midnight when 4 men forced her into her car at gun point.

She told police they forced her to stop at a gas station on rossville boulevard.

Then she drove them to the 1800 block of east 34th street, where she was assaulted and the men tried to set the car on fire, with her inside.

They also robbed her and took half of her clothes.

Police say they used surveillance video from the gas station to identify ray.

Validated gang members who face charges under the rico act were arraigned today on a new indictment in the case.

The hamilton county district attorney used the racketeer influenced corrupt organizations act, to indict 54 people.

Today they were arraigned in person or by video on the new charges and plead not guilty.

The people in court included andre grier, courtney high and charles shelton.

The state is seeking the death penalty for them.

The three men are accused of killing a woman before she could testify in a homicide trial.

The judge scheduled another hearing for november 26th.

A soddy-daisy home burglary victim is sharing his story so it won't happen to anyone else.

News 12's robyn estabrook has the latest... when brady vaughn's family recently got back from vacation, they realized someone went through the window and burglarized their home.

Brady vaughn/ homeowner "i stuck my head around the corner and i immediately knew we had been hit because i could see that there were drawers pulled out, stuff laying in the floor."

Vaughn believes one of the reasons he was targeted is because he posted photos of his family on vacation on facebook.

Investigators say the suspects got away with more than 56 thousand dollars worth of items including an xbox, tvs and jewelry.

After the incident, vaughn monitored sales sites and saw his girfriend's camera cases.

He then told detectives.

"that led them to the seller of the product which is actually not who stole it supposedly, but once she turned over the information where she got it from."

Investigators arrested michael leming and charged him with aggravated burglary.

Vaughn says there are other suspects in the case who are in the process of being charged, including his nephew.

Detectives recovered 10 thousand dollars worth of items, but vaughn says most of it was damaged.

He says this experience has been traumatic for his son.

"the hardest part of all of this is watching my son go through it.

The first week it happened he wouldn't sleep in his room, he was scared to death."

Vaughn has advice, so this won't happen to anyone else.

"don't post your pictures on facebook, it is something everybody does, what i suggest is take all of the pictures you want, have a good time with your family, when you get back home sitting in the comfort of your own home, post those pictures."

He also installed a home security system and will have cameras going up this weekend.

In soddy daisy robyn estabrook news 12 now.

Michael leming is expected to be in court on october 8th.

Some of chattanooga experiences flooding as the rain has fallen much of today.

News 12's dorothy sherman joins us live on broad street with the latest.


Certain areas of chattanooga have been dealing with flooding.

For one business on 21-st street, flooding was so bad earlier flooding.

For one business on 21-st street, flooding was so bad earlier today that they had to shut down.

Pictures and videos show just how much of an issue it became at mckinnley excavation.

The business owner says that flooding is an ongoing problem.

The problem, he says, comes from the storm water drains that aren't doing their job.

> "it will start.

About 30 minutes after the rain the drains will stop working and everything trash and all will float out of the drain and it will actually pump water into the street on the sidewalk and then flow right through our building, throught the front door, right out the back of the building."

Out in hamilton county there several roads that covered in water.

The sheriff's office is telling folks to aviod those roads and don't try to drive over them.

I'll have more on the flooding tonight at eleven.

Live in chattanooga, dorothy sherman, news 12 now.

The chattanooga area salvation army is sending more help for the hurricane florence relief effort.

Four salvation army personnel are flying out of chattanooga today to offer additional help to wilmington, new bern, and moorehead city, north carolina.

Salvation army crews have already provided more than 200 thousand meals to those affected by the storm.

I think the most valuable part of what we're doing though, is, we're providing a support system.

We want them to know they're not in this alone, and we're there to help them.

We will provide spiritual and emotional care also.

86 mobile trucks from several states have been deployed to over 61 different areas in the carolinas.

We have new information about a woman who was killed on highway 58 over the weekend.

Chattanooga police say 64 year old karen saxton was driving up highway 58 when she pulled into the path of another vehicle.

Saxton's car caught fire after the collision.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Today her family and friends are remembering her life and legacy.

She was a teacher for many years in the tennessee valley.

She...cared..she cared about her community, she loved her school.

And i would always asked her how long did she want to be teaching, she said as long as i still love it..

And i think that ever one the knew karen they uhmm... loved everything about her.

Her love of the out doors her love of people and she just had a heart of gold for children.

The smoke from that fire was captured on this picture from a viewer.

The other driver was taken to a local hospital with non life threatening injuries.

Harrison elementary has plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Kids at the school have shown some serious academic growth.

In fact, on a statewide scale of 1 to 5, the school made the top of the list.

News 12's david moore takes us on campus for this week's edition of what's right with our schools.

Natural sound: now that we have proven that this has six lines and six vertices.

Is this a hexagon; yes it is.

Say we did.

Wendy: we've worked very hard to make sure that every child grows.

Here at harrison we're trying to provide learning opportunities that help children be strategic problem solvers; not when they're older but today.

Natural sound: what is this right here what shape is that hexagon hexagon excellent.

Brittany: we are pushing our students and they're meeting it.

We aren't looking at materia or things that we want them to do and saying oh that's gonna be too hard for them.

Instead we're saying what can we do to help them reach that goal.

Natural sound: so it's just are just these blocks the four, or show me the whole ten.

Jilana: we were pumped so, we got it in science math and reading.

We set a goal so we want this many kids to grow here by this point.

And then we check back in constantly; are they growing if not what can we do.

These students need extra support.

We have extra support groups like tier two and tier three.

We have two interventionists at harrison and so if a kid is not making growth or is maybe falling behind we try to get them in there and get some extra support.

Natural sound: at my auntie's house, they were happy to see me and my mom.

Jilana: i think our engagement levels at harrison have definitely shot up; and it makes it a lot more fun for the kids.

And when they're engaged and they want to learn they want to build the garden to learn about world war ii.

They really enjoy it and then their love for school also grows.

Wendy: we have a great legacy here at harrison.

We're gonna be 80 years old this coming may.

And the building itself carries a legacy.

But the learning inside of it is new.

We're trying to empower children.

We want them to have a growth mindset.

It's okay to fail, it's okay to make a mistake.

If you're not making a mistake you're probably not pushing your thinking.

So we're trying to teach that and in addition to that we're trying to make sure every single child grows.

If you have an idea for a story, go to our website, wdef dot com.

Look for the icon that says what's right with our schools, and you'll find a link to post your story idea.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, your storm team 12, 24 hour forecast.

Our 24 hour forecast shows keeping a close eye on these continuing rain showers as they keep bringing the threat of flash flooding to the area.

These showers are still part of the larger system bringing continued rain to teh central parts of the state.

Flash flood warnings are still in effect for bradley and hamilton counties, those expire at 6:30 pm.

Your sportsmans forecaster is not looking great for tomorrow, rain showers are expected to continue tomorrow and it will be mostly cloudy we offered you a way to get rid of old documents, and kaylee nix >> day for that your sports and forecaster conditions mostly cloudy afternoon showers with you are getting it out the best time to see that early in the morning on your full 70 forecast coming up in just a little bitour shred it campaign, and find out when the next one will take place...when we come back.

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at covenant college on lookout mountain from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Now, from the epb weather center, your storm team 12 forecast.

Here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera in soddy daisy hang out and making it pretty dreary up on the mountain currently 71710 in chattanooga of the humidities up 93% to be expected as that rain is still continuing to all this afternoon wins our light however just out of the north north east almanac for today we only had a high of 70 or degrees and that happened to me early this morning before the bulk of that rain and into our area the airport recorded just under 2.2 inches of rain today and that this mash our old record by about 4/10 of an inch that were still collecting that rain as he had to the afternoon hours as well your local rain totals som areas in the tennessee valley recording of 233-inches of rain we can see out towards bradley in towards easter hamilton county those were areas that dump that extensive amount of rain prompting this flash flooding warnings which are still in effect until about x 3 afternoon projected rainfall for the next few days looking to pick up just about another 2 inches in chattanooga through your wednesday time frame about 2 1/2 inches in scottsboro expected more out towards baltimore and winchester as wel to use another wet week is you had through the start of your work week forecast for tomorrow- 830 a little warmer tickets we can some sunshine before those clouds return and we do see tha more rain in the afternoon once again a mostly cloudy continued rain showers and teacher cast shows that as well have another solid round of rain moving group tonight and into early tomorrow morning before return to clear out just a little bit morning hours sentence week in just a couple speaks of sunshin before tomorrow afternoon when the rain comes back once again showers tomorrow will be just a little more scattered than they were today not expecting any widespread rain like we saw today once again public showers and storms then the pattern continues into wednesday as wel keeping us wet for wednesday and thursday that's can be the best brain chances as he had through the rest of the week and into the weekend as well and is as we start to dry out as we had further towards the weekend bartender state pretty cool let you know how coming up in your 70 forecast in just 10 second from the epb fiberoptics weathe scenario starting from 70 forecast 83 for tomorrow the last 880s that will be until th weekend and here come the 7070 on wednesday and thursday and friday all the way down to 76 o saturday when that rain clears out the humidity will fall as well thanks to a nether fall front heading our way temperatures renounce the limit for sunday as we turn to mostly cloudy skies but a drier pattern but until then you have to keep that umbrella and those rain boots pretty unrhymed is some free smart phone apps a touch o the one he was see that at the a special thanks to everyone who came out to the shred-it campaign this weekend.... we partnered with the hamilton county sheriff's office for the bi-annual event at the west annex.

This year's fall event was one of the most successful shred-it campaigns we have hosted to date.

More than 15 thousand pounds of paper was collected.

This free service to the community allows anyone the opportunity to safely and securely dispose of sensitive documents.

Many also dropped off expired medications.

97 pounds of medication was safely collected.

The next shred it campaign will be held next april.

The mocs are gaining national attention with their 4-0 start.

And the injuries continue to mount for the falcons.

Here's rick nyman with sports.

Plus, the titans celebrate winning ugly.

And the vols have a tough bounce back week as they tackle georgia.

"now from the news 12 sports desk."

After the vols 47-23 loss to florida, oddsmakers aren't giving tennessee much hope against second ranked georgia on saturday.

U-t is a 32-point underdog.

The vols will likely lose big again if they turn it over like they did against the gators.

U-t had six turnovers, including this painful, fumble through the end zone by austin pope.

It was a disasterous night, but coach pruitt says his guys are working hard to avoid another showing like that.

Pruitt:"you know i saw it yesterday.

I'm walking through the office, and our office is littered with our players in there watching tape.

I had no idea they were up there.

Got groups of guys that has got them in there.

Talking about players being leaders.

I guess they organized it."

Pruitt added that linebacker quart'e sapp is still on the team despite some sort of sideline incident on saturday.

And georgia offensive lineman ben cleveland is out after breaking his leg against mizzou.

After upsetting 17th ranked samford over the weekend, the chattanooga mocs are ranked 20th in the latest stats, f-c-s poll.

U-t-c will put their new ranking on the line saturday night against rival e-t-s-u.

Chattanooga will not only be competing for bragging rights against the bucs but this brand new trophy.

It's called "the rail", symbolizing the rail-road tracks between u-t-c and e-t-s-u.

It's 5-foot-7 in length, signifying 57 years ago that this rivalry began.

The rail also weighs 108- pounds.

That titans-jaguars game sunday was about as rugged as a rail-road tie.

But tennessee managed to titan up and get the 9-6 victory.

With the game tied at six midway through the fourth, marcus mariota completed this third down pass to corey davis.

Tennessee got in field goal range, where ryan succop booted the game winner.

The titans defense held the jags to just 245 yards of total offense.

Orakpo:"just a bunch of hungry savages.

Underated savages.

I always like to call us that bunch.

We don't get a lot of the noteriety and a lot of the game.

But just a bunch of guys that know how to play football."

The falcons defense took another huge hit on sunday.

Safety ricardo allen tore his achilles tendon during atlanta's overtime loss to the saints, and now allen is done for the year.

Atlanta has already lost fellow starting safety keanu neal for the season with a knee injury, and pro bowl linebacker deion jones is out indefinitely with a foot injury.

What a sports scene sunday in atlanta, as crowds flocked to see tiger woods get back in the win column.

Tiger won the tour championship for his first victory in five years.

Four back surgeries slowed down tiger the last few seasons, but he finally picked up his 80th career win yesterday.

Reporter:"how do you think the world will react to this giving you are probably breaking the internet."

Tiger: well when i came out here there was not internet."

Here's a final look at our forecast... our storm team 12 7 day forecast: wet and dreary to end september.

We get another good soaking rain wednesday into thursday, then a fall front tries to sneak through and clear out those clouds.

Our temperatures stay comfortable in the mid to upper 70s and humidity will fall as the rain clears out.

Thanks for joining us... and we'll see you in a half hour for prime news at 7.


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