Spokane veterans packing up to head to North Carolina to aid in Hurricane Florence recovery

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Published on September 19, 2018 -

Spokane veterans packing up to head to North Carolina to aid in Hurricane Florence recovery

A team of veterans from Spokane have dropped everything to get on a flight tomorrow to head to North Carolina to aid in the Hurricane Florence recovery.


Spokane veterans packing up to head to North Carolina to aid in Hurricane Florence recovery

New developments tonight.... A team of veterans from spokane will be headed to some of the worst hit areas of north carolina, following hurricane florence.

Florence devastated the coasts of north and south carolina..... Closing thousands of roads, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power, and killing, at least 27 people so far.

Our hawk hammer working for you tonight.... Spoke with the head of the team headed there to help.

Hawk as veterans, they are uniquely qualified for this kind of work.... But you found out... Its also therapuetuic for them.

The group headed there is from a local non profit called veteran community response.... They work with veterans, many of them combat vets, struggling to re-adjust to civilian life.

As you mentioned, the stress, the destruction, they know how to handle it.

Nats of stormwhats left down in the carolinas after the worst of florence, now dealing with this.

Wide spread flooding.

Down trees, power outages, destruction.

And now help, from clear across the country.

1:01:37"we will be flying into raleigh and then working in new bern or lumberton, nc."andy hail and three others from vcr were able to drop everything last minute, to get down there to volunteer.

They know help is needed.

1:03:06"when you go into an area, you are looking at people's homes that have been destroyed, the roofs disappeared, the water that is 12 feet into a structure"but it's what gets left behind, as people flee, that really hits home, makes it personal.

1:03:27"all the personal possession, that you know you look at and know that somebody's life and that have has changed forever."1:03:40 "you are almost in a state of shock, but there is a job to be done."the crew, will be putting their skills with a chain saw to work, we've seen them in action up here, prepping for fire season.

Down there, it will be about clearing the way for responders.

1:02:35"making sure they have access to properties, that they are going to be working, making sure we clear paths for vehicles, and whatever work needs to be done to remove hazards."

3 he says the team plans to stay down there for three weeks at least, they will be sending additional crews, they are just the first wave.

He says for combat vets, often they struggle with finding meaning after they leave the service.

Being able to help people down in north carolina is a really good way for them to give back.

And we know the people down there really appreciate it.

Hawk Hammer, KXLY 4 News.

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