Hurricane Florence Kills At Least 24 People on the East Coast

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Published on September 18, 2018 -

Hurricane Florence Kills At Least 24 People on the East Coast

The storm is moving out of the North Carolina Region but has left a path of destruction in its wake.


Hurricane Florence Kills At Least 24 People on the East Coast

Linda what's left of hurricane florence is still dumping rain on parts of north carolina as it finally moves out of the region.

The storm is blamed for at least 24 deaths and widespread flooding that could get even worse as rivers crest.

Meg oliver has the latest from lillington, north carolina: pkg floods waters have cut off the coastal city of wilmington from the rest of north carolina.

Officials are using high water vehicles to drive in emergency supplies.

(sot: gov.) 23 trucks of food, water and other supplies made it into wilmington this morning and other communities are being addressed as well.

It is not just wilmington that's swamped...more than two feet of rain from florence has left sections of fayetteville, north carolina under water.

It's the same in the town of pembrooke.

(pipe 2, 7:06) (standup: meg oliver, cbs news,) swollen rivers from all the rain... are spilling over their banks onto the streets..... hundreds of roads across the state are impassable.

(begnaud) this trucker got stuck trying to get through high water..

And the floods are expected to keep rising.

Sot: robert simms (no font, too quick) it's come up at least 4 feet.

Robert simms believes the cape fear river will reach record high levels.

Sot meg: you are nervous about the bridge.

Sot: simms yes i am very nervous, when you see stuff hit stuff, that creates more pressure in places like new bern.where the water has already receded..peopl e are beginning to assess damage and clean up.

This man is trying to get his restaurant open again.

(sot raymond karam) "we've probably got 15,000-gallons of water.

We've already pumped out 7,000-gallons.

So we are trying to get it dried out, so we can, it can get open and get everything squared away."

Almost a half a million people began the day without power in north carolina.

Meg oliver, cbs news, lillington, nc.

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