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As we he<<end>> this morning - the eyewall of hurricane florence has began to make landfall in the carlolinas.

That as we take a live look at wilmington - north carolina.

We have the latest on the massive storm - coming up on good morning northwest - dry start today but tracking some weekend rain chances - your forecast coming up.

3 from the dry and quiet on the radar.

Temps in the 40s and even a few spots down into the 30s.

3 ((toss to jade)) 3 this morning - the hurricane florence has begun to make landfall in the carolinas.

That as we take a live look at (location) at (time) the effects of florence began to be felt in the area - thursday morning - since then - we have been recieving reports of flooding and power outages throughout the atlantic coast of that region.

Those reports coming as breaking overnight -florence - which now sits at category 1 statusis storm making its presence known dumping rain - bring high winds and even overflowing rivers and now we are learning of people - just in the town of new bern - home of 30 - thousand people - first responders received more than 150 calls for help as people who did not heed authorities warnings to get out - became standed in their homes.

Many of those homes actually flooded by overflowing rivers - rather than storm surge in that town.

Now we are recieving reports that folks inland in that region so prepare for "catastropic flooding" as t massive storm makes it their way.

Those reports coming as we get the first images of the impact florence into the kapp - kvew kapp - kvew newsroom.

Our chief meteroliost been tracking florence overnight and has the latest.


Our chief meteroliost kristin walls has been tracking florence overnight and has the latest.


3 3 3 also around america this morning - at least one person is dead.

That after a series of explosions rocked the boston area thursday evening.

Those blast coming due to an apparent gas leak - leaving dozens of homes and structures damaged.

The gas leaks also causing residents in at least 3 towns in the area to flee their homes as officials worked to control the situation.

Last nights explosions also left nearly 20 - thousand people - in the dark.

Good morning to you jade, some new good morning to you jade, some new information just coming into the newsroom.

First - this morning we have an update on the case of a local teen who according to police - was hit by a car while playing basketball infront of his kennewick home.

Now we are learning - thursday - the kennewick polcie department served a search warrant at a home in the neighborhood where authorities say 17-year old kyle marboe hit by that car nearly two weeks ago.

K - p - d adds - the investigation into the case is still ongoing.

Marboe has been released from intensive care at harborview medical center and is listed in satisfactory condition.

Two artists have painted a mural of former nfl quarterback colin kaepernick in yakima.

The artist behind the murals that can be found on an alleyway on lewis street and lincoln avenue.

- alex sandoval and izaya colson included on the new instillation - the words, "believe in something.

Even i it means sacrificing everything" - based on recen - controversial nike ad featuring kaepernick.

3 thousands of people are being roped into pendleton for the round-up.

Many of them stay at wildhorse resort and casino.

The resort currently has more than 200 rooms to accomidate all their guests - wildhorse is expanding.

And now we are learning - part of a two year project includes adding a second hotel tower as well as making upgrades to their r-v park.

Since more are people packing in wildhorse is adding the latest technology including stronger wifi and usb charging plug ins.

They are also 3 adding a pool and spa for families to come back and relax after a day at the roundup.

3 chat at (time) it's time to raise the flag here on good morning northwesthere's ms daub class at tri city adventist schoolwith the pledge of allegiance "i pledg "i pledge allegiance to th flag of the united states of america, <<break 1>> <<break 1>> raise the flag here at (time) it's time to 3 chat 3 at the roundup.

Relax after a day come back and 3 spa for families to adding a pool and 3 they are also ins.

3 usb charging plug stronger wifi and 3 including 3 technology adding the latest wildhorse is 3 people packing in 3 since more are to their r-v park.

3 making upgrades 3 tower as well as <<break 2>> 3 this morning as you head out we want to let you know about a traffic slowdown during your morning commute.

If your morning commute takes you over the blue bridge from pasco to richland - you might want to give yourself a few extra minutes or use the cable bridge instead.

That's because one lane of the bridge is closed southbound as you make your way across the columbia.

3 chat 3 at (time) coming up in the next half hour of good morning northwest --- northwest --- morning hour of good up in the next half at (time) coming chat 3 chat 3 at (time) coming up in the next half hour of good morning northwest --- we continue to monitor hurricane florence.

That as as the eyewall of that storm makes it way across the morning.

We have the latest - in our next half hour and - also this morning - we have an update on the case of a local teen police say was hit by a car while basketball infront of his kennewick home.

We have a update - coming up we'll be right back.

You're waking up with good morning northwest.

<<break 3>> the citycam at (weather with (toss to jade) as we head to

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