Brownsville Police Search for Vehicle Involved in Fatal Crash

Credit: KRGV (Espanol)
Published on August 28, 2018 -
Police say three vehicles collided.

Brownsville Police Search for Vehicle Involved in Fatal Crash

In brownsville leaves one person dead.

Right now police are looking for a car that took off from the crash.

Channel five's taylor winkel is live near where it all happened.

And taylor -- investigators believe they may already know what led up to it?

Yea that's right michael.

Investigators believe the vehicles involved in the crash may have been racing.

This was the scene overnight -- around two this morning near the intersection of boca chica and coria.

Police say three vehicles collided..

Investigators on the scene say..

Two of the vehicles may have been racing just before the crash.

One person was killed, two others taken to the hospital in unknown condition.

Crews had this intersection closed for several hours while they investigated the crash.

So far there has been no description of the vehicle police believe left the scene of the crash.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

Live in brownsville.

Taylor winkel.

Channel five news at 7

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