Gas Buddy 05/25/2018

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Published on August 28, 2018 -

Gas Buddy 05/25/2018

On average, drivers across the country can expect to pay at the pump this year, compared to last year.


Gas Buddy 05/25/2018

Thousands of drivers are expected to hit the road this memorial day weekend... holiday travel is up by six percent.

But as our jason hibbs reports...that's not the only thing up from last year.

Look live: 31-percent.

That's how much more, on average, drivers across the country can expect to pay at the pump this year, compared to last.

Whether you're in a hybrid, nats or a gas-gussler, nats it's going to take more money to get where you're going this year... nat and these drivers have definitely noticed.

"they sky high now.they up there now, uh huh."

Raphinette gibson says she's driving less.

"looks like everyday it's getting higher and higher.

" most of the people we spoke too, "i'm not going no where."

Are staying home for the holiday.

"gas too high ."

Standup: "but the analysts at gas buddy say, there are reasons."

Including old fashioned supply and demand.

People are driving more, while u.s. oil supply had declined, that's thanks to opec, who decreased production early last year, after the oil price crash of 2015 and 16.

Energy industry insiders say president trump's tough stance on iran, including pulling out of the iran nuclear deal, has also likely led to higher prices.

I asked drivers why they thought prices are where they are... "trump, our president.


Yes, mhmm."

"i have no idea."

"donald trump, trump."

And they all agreed, they doubt it'll get any better any time soon.

"looks like it's going up every week, don't it?"

Look-live: but there could be some hope.

Recently the saudi energy minister said opec and russia could supply more oil to world markets quote "in the near future," to balance the market.

One final note relating to holiday travel, local police say they'll have extra officers on hand this weekend, and they'll be on the lookout for impaired drivers.

"expect to see more patrols and expect to see more safety checkpoints."

A state highway patrol spokesperson said they too have officers working overtime this weekend.

Sig out.

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