Pat Mahomes Record Breaker

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Published on August 24, 2018 -
Pat Mahomes Record Breaker

Pat Mahomes Record Breaker

Collier another thing to keep an eye on... patrick mahomes assault of the record books... bum shoulder and all --- mahomes working his way up the charts in several categories... our baillie burmaster joins us now with a closer look.

Baillie burmaster/ red raider nation "hey david- although mahomes has been battling a shoulder injury we still don't know the extent of....the numbers he has put up these past seven games is about as close to remarkable as you'll find in college football."

There is no doubt that last weeks game against oklahoma was a record breaking game for quartback patrick mahomes.

819 total yards against the sooners...broke at least 30 f-b-s...big 12 or team records...along with 194 attempts by mahomes over his last three games even after his shoulder injury.

The star quarterback accounts for 79 percent of techs total yardage...and still says it means nothing if they arent winning.

Patrick mahomes/ averaging 1 interception every 64.6 attempts "i mean i did well...definitely could have done better a lot of throws i either over threw or under threw but i mean we didn't get a win so it wasn't good enough."

The ncaa fbs record for total yards in a single season is held by b.j.

Symons with 5,976.... if mahomes continues to average 473 yards per game....he will fall short of that with 5,678.

But as far as mahomes in the record books...he's on his way to surpass head coach kliff kingsbury in career touchdowns and total offense.

Baillie burmaster/ red raider nation "a statistic that might be even more shocking....the red raiders are in danger of becoming the first team in 24 years to lead the fbs in total offense and potentially not be bowl eligible and the second team in 79 years to lead in total offense and have a losing record....and you have to believe that the losing team record is what's hindering patrick mahomes heisman campaign...david back to you" collier thanks baillie... the losses certainly don't help.

That last player to win the heisman when his team lost four games --- oklahoma's steven owens in 1969.

### notre dame's paul hornung won it in 19-56 even though his irish were only 2-and-8.

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