Earthquake advisory for parts of Southern Califonia

Credit: KEYT Santa Barbara, CA
Published on August 23, 2018 -
Earthquake advisory for parts of Southern Califonia

Earthquake advisory for parts of Southern Califonia



The office of emergency services has issued an earthquake advisory for southern california.


Several counties are on alert to the probability that a major earthquake is more likely to occur this week.


Newschannel three reporter kelsey gerckens joins us live in ventura ... keis alert comes after a swarm of small quakes near palm springs.


One of the counties that received the notice is ventura county..

And where i am standing in downtown ventura is where the ventura fault line goes through.


This spot right here is considered one of the most dangerous places to be if there was an earthquake in this area.


A swarm of small magnitude earthquakes has prompted the california office of emergency services to issue an earthquake advisory..

Warning that southern california has an increased chance of a major earthquake happening this week.

Mcgowan: "the scientist rated that there was an increased probability of up to 1% so a slight increase.

Really at the end of the day it is a great reminder to us that we live in earthquake country and that earthquakes can strike, suddenly, violently and with no warning so everyones best bet is to be prepared prior to."

Kelsey: "this is the emergenc operations center and if there was a big earthquake, this room is put into action to coordinate emergency response and recovery actions."

"the end result being a quick recovery so get through the emergency as quick as possible with the least amount of consequences and then recover as fast as possible."


And while the operation of emergency services prepares.

There are also a few things you can do as well.

"drop cover and hold when an earthquake occurs, prior to have a disaster kit, definitely an important thing 3-days at a minimum worth of water and food, extra clothing is important, if you have prescription medicine.

Definitely have prescription medicine on hand."


And after the earthquake stops shaking.

There is one more thing you need to remember if you live along the coast.

"if it was a significan earthquake you should take action yourself and immediately .

The increased probability of having a moiderate earthquake will expire next tuesday morning..

Reporting live in ventura, kelsey gerckens,.



You can log on to our website for earthquake preparednessadvice.

There are safety checklists, apps you can download---and instructional videos to watch.

Just look for the words "earthquake preparedness" under the weather app on keyt dot com.

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