Scientists Discover Hundreds of ‘Ghost Dunes’ on Mars

AmazeLab - July 11, 2018

While it may sound kinda spooky, the discovery will actually help scientists figure out what the climate was once like on Mars.


Scientists Discover Hundreds of ‘Ghost Dunes’ on Mars

Scientists just discovered “ghost dunes” on the surface of Mars????which might sound like a creepy, elusive Mars mystery????but they’re just the negative space left behind by ancient eroded sand dunes????Each dune was once the size of the U.S. Capitol building billions of years ago????Now, University of Michigan scientists found these crescent-shaped pits ????that were hardened by lava or maybe even sediments moved there by water ????The “ghost dunes” tell scientists Mars winds were much different in the past????which will help us understand the Red Planet’s climate and look for ancient life????The findings were published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets??

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