Two killed as storm Talas leaves China and hits Vietnam

euronews (in English) - July 17, 2017

At least two people have died in a tropical storm that has hit both China and Vietnam. The two countries are dealing with the aftermath of Storm Talas, which brought with it torrential rain and strong winds. Chinaโ€™s southern island province of Hainan was first to be hit on Sunday, before the storm later travelled west and reached central Vietnam on Monday. Vietnamese authorities said a woman was killed when the roof of her house blew off. Vietnamโ€™s Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control said a woman in Vinh City was killed when the roof of her house blew off. The storm caused a cargo ship with 13 crew members to sink in waters off the coast of Vietnamโ€™s Nghe An Province, leaving one dead, six others missing. In the Quang binh Province, seven people were injured when a ship capsized. Floods and falling trees have also caused severe damage and disruption in many neighborhoods. .


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