Durbin: Democrats will grill Rosenstein on Comey memo

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Published on May 18, 2017 - Duration: 01:23s

Durbin: Democrats will grill Rosenstein on Comey memo


Richard J.

Durbin (D-Ill.) said on May 18 that Democrats will grill Deputy Attorney General Rod J.

Rosenstein about the memo he wrote for President Trump, outlining reasons former FBI Director James B.

Comey could be fired.


Durbin: Democrats will grill Rosenstein on Comey memo

Well this is good news last night because Bob Mueller is not only Smart and principal.

He's a person is going to put country above everything.

I trusted I worked with him for a dozen years and is director of the FBI is the right person for the job but that's not the end of the investigation or shouldn't.

The Intelligence Committees on the hill house and senate.

Need to do their work hopeful doing this quickly and openly as possible and then we need to consider whether we need a commission.

For the very specific purpose of making sure that we're not victimized again by Russia or any other country in the future election.

Most of the questions we have for mr. rose has done really not about classified information.

We're trying to determine what happened that two week period.

When he was first approved by the senate and then prepare this memo as a justification for dismissing James called me.

And now it turns out the novel was knighted in serious.

They were doing this to protect the honor of Hillary Clinton.

What came down to the president noted Lester holt it's all about the Russian please call this Russian investigation.

Rosen signs professional prosecutor that's why many of us voted for we wanna find out today what happened.

Was that told to prepare that there was an attorney general sessions who was supposed to be recused.

From the Russian investigation.

Was it someone in the White House Ohio that go.

And why did you prepare this particular memo which on its face doesn't look like a legal document at all that looks like a political memorial.

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