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This week's segment opens with Cohen compelling Georgia State House Rep. Jason Spencer to act like a Chinese tourist, complete with a fake accent, as he acts out..
56 minutes ago • USATODAY.com

A Georgia state lawmaker is facing multiple calls to resign after he shouted racial slurs and took off his pants during a segment which aired Sunday on Sacha..
1 hour ago • FOXNews.com

Georgia state Rep. Jason Spencer did a very racist impression of a Chinese person, shouted the N-word, and took his pants off — all in service of fighting..
1 hour ago • Mediaite

'Who is America' shows how little some of Israel's biggest supporters know about the Jewish state
2 hours ago • Jerusalem Post
After targeting Bernie Sanders, Joe Walsh and more politicians in the first episode of his new Showtime satirical comedy Who Is America?, ...
2 hours ago • Billboard.com

In the latest episode, Israeli anti-terror expert Erran Morad may have ended the political career of Jason Spencer
3 hours ago • Haaretz

Mr. Cohen’s Showtime series, “Who Is America,” has used deception to embarrass G.O.P. figures, similar to the way Mr. O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has..
6 hours ago • NYTimes.com

In one of the most WTF moments from Sacha Baron Cohen's second episode of Who Is America?, former vice president Dick Cheney signed what was referred to as a..
13 hours ago • Mashable

Wochit - 14 hours ago  ▶  00:38

The "waterboard kit" Sacha Baron Cohen got former Vice President Dick Cheney to sign for his new show has apparently hit the digital marketplace ... and bids are..
15 hours ago • TMZ.com

Sarah Palin and Bernie Sanders are among those duped on 'Who Is America?', Sacha Baron Cohen's new TV show.
2 days ago • CBC.ca

But even as a comedy it's so serious it's barely funny.
3 days ago • Sydney Morning Herald

Congressman Matt Gaetz didn't fall for Sacha Baron Cohen's trap to promote putting guns in the hands of toddlers, but admits he was clueless about who he was..
4 days ago • TMZ.com

Borat goes into gun store, gets recognized instantly and dips so fast.
4 days ago • eBaums World
Sacha Baron Cohen has fooled a host of prominent current and former politicians -- such as; Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Sarah Palin, and Joe Walsh -- into..
4 days ago • Mediaite

The fine art consultant is both 'mad and amused' by the comedian's actions
4 days ago • Independent

And it was all caught on CCTV.
4 days ago • The Age

“The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” is ready to help Americans understand the “double negative” Donald Trump used to explain the comments he made this..
4 days ago • The Wrap
If this whole president thing doesn’t work out for Donald Trump, perhaps he has a promising future as a pop star.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host..
4 days ago • The Wrap
Actor Sacha Baron Cohen has been making headlines for his pranks on his upcoming Showtime series “Who Is America?” However, in February 2017, a gun store..
5 days ago • FOXNews.com

Wochit - 5 days ago  ▶  00:43

Retaining the inflammatory nature of his previous work, Sacha Baron Cohen updates his tried-and-tested formula to include 2018 America's ideological polarities..
5 days ago • Firstpost

Emails obtained by POLITICO reveal the comedian’s tradecraft.
5 days ago • Politico

Who among us hasn't tried to save face during an embarrassing situation with the classic "I actually meant to leave my fly down" excuse?

6 days ago • Mashable

Nearly 20 months into the international embarrassment that is the Trump administration, faced with the prospect that its president may well be a Russian asset of..
6 days ago • Mashable

The premiere of "Who Is America?" -- controversial comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s new Showtime series -- struggled for viewers on Sunday night.
6 days ago • FOXNews.com

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., declined to express support for comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's fictitious "Kinderguardians" program arming schoolchildren.
6 days ago • Newsmax

Sacha Baron Cohen has been duping politicians for his comedy show "Who Is America?" using disguises, including Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., PhD, who somehow comes..
6 days ago • Newsmax

Sacha Baron Cohen’s secret Showtime series “Who Is America?” roped in 1 million total viewers with its Sunday premiere, including audiences for a bunch of..
6 days ago • The Wrap
Showtime and Sacha Baron Cohen are pushing back against allegations the comedian duped guests on his new show by posing as a disabled veteran.
6 days ago • Access Hollywood

Sabo has taken comedian Sasha Baron Cohen to task for posing as a disabled military veteran in a wheelchair for his new Showtime series "Who Is America?" A stunt..
6 days ago • FOXNews.com

A Georgia state lawmaker said he was tricked by Sacha Baron Cohen’s controversial new series and is considering legal action.
6 days ago • FOXNews.com

Showtime and Sacha Baron Cohen are pushing back against allegations the comedian duped guests on his new show, Who is America, by posing as a disabled veteran.
6 days ago • CBC.ca

Cohen's new show - Who is America? - debuted on Sunday and won most attention for hoodwinking Republican politicians into endorsing a made-up plan to train..
6 days ago • MailOnline
American politicians agree with Sacha Baron Cohen's statement, "The only thing that stop a bad man with a gun is a good boy with a gun" on Who Is..
6 days ago • Firstpost

In the premiere of his new show, Who is America?, Sacha Baron Cohen manages to dupe everyone from politicians and gun lobbyists to everyday Trump supporters.
6 days ago • MailOnline

Who is America? is described as "urgently resonant" by one reviewer and "toothless" by another.
6 days ago • BBC News

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