The Week in History: March 12th - March 18th

March 12, 2018
by Graham Pierrepoint -

While there’s normally always something interesting going on in the news from day to day, history is also chock full of amazing titbits – there’s no reason why we can’t go dipping into the past every once in a while to see what went down in times gone by! With that said, let’s fire up the One News Page time machine once again and take a look at what happened, this week, in years, decades and centuries past.

March 12th, 1969 – Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman Wed
One of pop music’s most iconic marriages began this week almost 50 years ago – it’s one which would sadly end in tragedy, though Linda McCartney’s name and work are both still carried on to this very day.

March 13th, 1781 – Uranus is Discovered
Schoolyard jokes to one side, please – as William Herschel first discovered the planet Uranus back in 1781 this week, with the body initially having been thought to be a passing comet.

March 14th, 1950 – ’10 Most Wanted’ Begins
The FBI’s famous ’10 Most Wanted Fugitives’ program first started almost 70 years ago this week – and since then, it’s helped law enforcement understand and make tracks to try and hunt down some of the most notorious criminals in recent US history.

March 15th, 1985 – The First Domain Name is Seized
The internet is much older than you think! While we’ve only really been using the World Wide Web since the mid to late 90s, it’s been a fixture in the background for over 30 years – and the first-ever domain name,, was registered this week 33 years ago.

March 16th, 2017 – Trump’s Travel Bans Face Further Blockage
Anyone who remembers the early days of the Trump Presidency – which only happened a year ago, of course – while likely recount the infamous ‘travel bans’ which initially restricted people from certain Asian countries from travelling to the US. On this day a year ago, Trump found his second ban proposal blocked by federal courts once again.

March 17th, 432 – St Patrick’s Day
Today is remembered as the day of Saint Patrick – who is thought to have been taken away from his home in the UK to be employed as a slave in Ireland. This is the date that such an event is thought to have occurred.

March 18th, 2003 – Sign Language Recognized as an Official Language in Britain
Sign language can differ across the seas – but we this week celebrate 15 years of British Sign Language, or BSL, having been first recognized as an official language in the country.

Stick with us for more time travels this time next week!


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