The Fire and Fury Saga Continues: Bannon Quits Breitbart

January 11, 2018
by Graham Pierrepoint -

In a new year where the Trump Presidency finds itself rocked by claims that the Commander in Chief is supposedly unfit to stay in power, there’s been one name in particular that appears to have both gotten The Donald’s goat and that has spurred on much of the talk regarding his suitability. That name is Steve Bannon, former Chief of Strategy at the White House – and following claims that he supposedly made to journalist Michael Wolff about Trump’s role in the Oval Office, he has made the surprising decision to step down as head of Breitbart, his own right wing media brand, just months after returning to the channel after leaving Trump’s team.

Watch: Steve Bannon Out At Breitbart

Bannon’s move to leave Breitbart may be somewhat unexpected to many – particularly as the brand has become his own over the past few years – but it seems that his own comments, which have ended up in Wolff’s book and have resulted in the President taking an additional stand against his former advisor, have been his own undoing. Bannon was instrumental in helping to build the character and the brand of Trump, too – and was seen as something as a right-hand man or even confidante during his time there. Bannon’s self-removal from his own platform is, at least, seemingly an acknowledgment of words that appear to have hit the White House hard – and which may result in Bannon facing legal action if recent movements are to be believed.

“Steve is a valued part of our legacy, and we will always be grateful for his contributions, and what he has helped us to accomplish,” stated Larry Solov, who remains CEO of Breitbart. The network’s own statement suggested that a ‘smooth and orderly transition’ would be sought in the removal of Bannon. Little else is known about his resignation at present – though he has continued to verbally support Trump via his recent radio show, and the President has taken to refer to Bannon as ‘Sloppy Steve’ in light of revelations.

The bromance certainly seems to be over for Trump and Bannon, and while the latter may have felt the pinch as far as his career is concerned, it will remain to be seen quite what will happen to The Don himself – as investigations into Trump’s team’s alleged collusion with Russian agents continues to reverberate. Stick with One News Page for more information as and when it arises!


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