Feeling Chilly? Then You’re Not Down Under – as Heat Records Reach a New High

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on January 9, 2018
by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

As the Northern hemisphere adjusts to what may be a fairly turbulent winter ahead (with various travel links already thrown completely off-course), many of us are already bearing up for what could be two or three months of winter woolies and hot drinks to help us get through to spring. While many people are perfectly at home in frosty temperatures, there are still plenty more who would do nothing more than jet off to warmer climes to escape the biting cold. On the other side of the coin, how hot is too hot? Just ask a Sydney native – as their January temperatures thus far have been the highest the city has ever seen in almost 80 years.

Watch: Sydney confirmed as the hottest place on Earth after reaching 47.3 C

117F / 47.3C – that’s what denizens and visitors of Sydney, Australia had to swelter through in recent days, as January 7th saw the city barometers scale highs that haven’t been touched since 1939 – a definite opposite to what many people are experiencing in various parts of the US, Canada in Europe in recent weeks! The exact location of the thermometer-busting heat was Penrith, near Sydney, though the sweltering warmth was inarguably felt all across the region. Cricketers continued batting on in their usual garb in what’s thought to be the hottest Test match on record – while it’s also thought that thousands of homes throughout New South Wales were left powerless in part due to the sheer intensity of the heat. Bans on fires, too, were put in place across Sydney to lessen the risk of devastating wildfire. Wildfires, unfortunately, can be very common in Australia as a result of there being little in the way of water during the summers there.

Rain is reportedly due across one of the driest winters on record for the country – though the weather down under has broken a considerable number of records in just a few recent months. The heat in the Southern Hemisphere has always been particularly impressive – though some may take the opportunity to point out that the planet is certainly warming up – and that recent records show this.

If you’re feeling particularly nippy these next few weeks, either try and book yourself a flight to the southern side of the world or spare a thought for those in the incredible temperatures Sydney is urgently experiencing – just the thought may be enough to start warming you up!


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