Paradise Papers: Did Prince Charles Profit from Climate Change?

November 8, 2017
by Graham Pierrepoint -

Charles, the Prince of Wales, is one of the world’s most vocal climate change campaigners, having spoken out about a range of problems and issues that our planet faces in the not too-distant future. He’s seen as something of a figurehead in that regard – and has actively campaigned for changes to rulings in an attempt to try and preserve our planet for future generations. However, were his intentions completely transparent? As the emerging leaks from the Paradise Papers show, maybe not.

The Paradise Papers, obtained by German media, offer millions of insights into hidden offshore tax havens, many of which have been taken out by high profile individuals and celebrities. Donald Trump’s White House staff are implicated – as is Queen Elizabeth, though it is clear that the latter’s move to store money offshore may not be illegal under national law. Her son, Charles, seems to also be implicated, though the Duchy of Cornwall has officially advised that he has had no direct involvement in such investment.

It’s emerged that Sustainable Forestry Management Ltd, based in Bermuda, was secretly supported by the monarch-in-waiting – with leaks from the Paradise Papers showing that Prince Charles had purchased around $113,500 in shares. This isn’t the issue on its own – the issue is now whether or not Charles had campaigned for rule changes regarding climate change in an effort to support his own financial interests – and those of his friend, thought to be in charge of the firm at the center of the whole scandal.

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The Duchy of Cornwall is also thought to have made offshore investment elsewhere, via the Cayman Islands – though, again, this process is considered above board and legal. The problems being underlined here with regard to Prince Charles and climate change are related to a conflict of interest – was the royal simply campaigning so that he may benefit from financial gain ? It’s not clear – though his spokespeople have continued to assert that the Prince ‘cares deeply’ about such issues regarding climate change.

The Paradise Papers continue to roll out big scandals – and extremely interesting stories about those at the forefront of the public eye – and it is likely that many media outlets are retaining a few stories to throw out later in the week. As always, here at One News Page, we will endeavor to keep you fully in the loop!

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