Democrats to conduct hearings on Robert Mueller report as investigations against Donald Trump pick up pace; focus to be on Russian collusion

Credit: Firstpost- Published on June 10, 2019
President Donald Trump says it's 'case closed'. But Democrats are just getting started with Robert Mueller. House Democrats have scheduled a series of hearings this coming week on the special counsel's report as they intensify their focus on the Russia probe and pick up the pace on an investigative "path" - in the words...

Credit: Wochit News
Published on June 13, 2019 -  00:32
Trump May Encourage Foreign Governments To Attack Political Opponents With Recent Comments
President Donald Trump recently said he doesn’t see anything wrong with foreign governments giving him information. According to CNN, this comment may encourage foreign government to attack political opponents. In 2016, Russia targeted Hillary Clinton with various tools to obtain information and spread it around. Trump suggested reporting the information to the FBI but also listening it to it. The president said getting information was considered research and not interference.

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