This Trump 'Angry Baby' Balloon Just Got Green Lit to Fly Above London – When the President Visits

July 6, 2018
by Graham Pierrepoint -

To say that US President Donald Trump is just as polarizing a figure in the UK and Europe as he is in the US is putting it mildly. News of Trump’s impending inaugural visit to London as President has been mooted for some time now, with some even moving to petition against him attending at all. Yet, it seems that The Donald will be hitting British shores after all on Friday July 13th, meaning that not everyone is particularly pleased. However, one particular activism campaign has caught tremendous fire in recent weeks, and it’s just been honored by the Greater London Authority – and it’s safe to say it may cause a bit of a stir when it takes effect the day Trump heads to town.

A "Trump Baby" Blimp Was Crowdfunded To Fly Over London During Trump's UK Visit

Activist Leo Murray has spearheaded a campaign for a custom-made ‘Trump Baby’ blimp to be flown high above Parliament Square the day that the President visits the capital – his group has managed to source £16,000 (over $21,000) in crowdfunding alone for the project, and it was touch and go as to whether or not the Greater London Authority would honor the blimp to be flown as a protest against Trump’s arrival into the UK. Things, however, seem to have hit the ground running – as it’s been approved by the GLA, on behalf of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, for the balloon to hit the skies. It’s safe to say this will be a fairly controversial statement, if not one that will be popular with plenty of people who oppose the President’s visit.

Rules are reportedly in place to ensure that the balloon is tethered and that it flies no higher than 30m into the air – but the colossal, 6m-long blimp, described by Murray himself as an “obscene, mutant clone of the President” – will still make its presence known. “We have been genuinely overwhelmed and touched by the incredible levels of support we have received for our project,” Nona Hurkmans stated on behalf of the group behind the balloon. “We are just a small group of friends who set out to show that fascists are not welcome in the UK.”

Giant ‘Baby Trump’ Blimp May Greet President When He Visits London

Trump is set to visit London later this month – and at the same time, a giant, inflatable caricature of the President, wearing a diaper, will float in unique protest downtown.


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