This Week in History: June 11th - June 17th

June 11, 2018
by Graham Pierrepoint -

Ever wondered what happened this week going back years, decades and beyond? Now’s your chance to find out – as we get into our time machine to take our weekly trip back into history to find out what some of the most interesting events from the next seven days were in times gone by. Mark your calendars and get your seatbelts fastened – off we go!

June 11th, 1776 – The Independence Committee is Formed
A pivotal moment in US history – as Congress forms its first committee to start drafting what would become the Declaration of Independence 242 years ago this week.
Famous Birthday: Hugh Laurie (Actor), 58

June 12th, 1665 – New York, New York
Keeping with the American theme, New Amsterdam became an English colony all the way back in 1665 this week, only to be renamed – you guessed it – New York, after England’s Duke.
Famous Birthday: George HW Bush (Former President), 93

June 13th, 1866 – The Civil Rights Amendment Passes
Leaping forward a couple of centuries but keeping it in the US still – another pivotal moment – as the 14thAmendment to the Constitution, focusing on Civil Rights, passes in the House of Representatives.
Famous Birthday: Tim Allen (Actor and Comedian), 64

June 14th, 1777 – The Stars and Stripes are Born
It’s a real American week! The famous flag – the Stars and Stripes – would come into being on this day, with various amendments being made along the way with the arrival of new states depicted by the stars.
Famous Birthday: Steffi Graf (Tennis Star), 48

June 15th, 1215 – The Magna Carta is Signed
A pivotal moment elsewhere in the world – as the controversial King John is requested to sign the Magna Carta, one of England’s first and most important rights charters to date.
Famous Birthday: Courteney Cox (Actress), 53

June 16th, 1784 – No More Orange for The Dutch!
Bizarrely – though things are far more relaxed now – Holland originally outright banned everyone from wearing the colour orange on this day back in 1784. Thankfully, fans of the color can now rest easy – and oddly enough, the national home soccer strip is about as orange as you can get!
Famous Birthday: Tupac Shakur (Rapper), 1971 - 1996

June 17th, 1939 – France’s Last Public Guillotining
France is famous for a lot of things – perhaps most infamously, their method of execution! It was early on in the 20th century, believe it or not, when the last public guillotine execution took place – in 1939 – and thankfully, no blades have been anywhere near any French necks since then!
Famous Birthday: Venus Williams (Tennis Star), 37

Join us again for more time travelling next week!


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