Remember the Tide Pod Challenge? Here’s Its Successor, and It’s Just As Bizarre

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on April 9, 2018
by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

Anyone who spent plenty of time dipping in and out of the news earlier this year will easily be able to recall a scary trend where it seemed that young people were getting genuine kicks out of swallowing laundry tablets – which can cause severe irritation and may even be fatal – in a movement that became known as the ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ online. YouTube swiftly made the move to delete all videos related to the challenge and to restrict any future content being uploaded – pretty much killing the dangerous dare on the spot – but since then, it appears that a worthy successor to the stunt has emerged to take its place. It’s a ‘challenge’ which has reportedly been around for over a decade – but recently, it appears to be picking up speed again – and many are unsure why!

The challenge in question is the ‘Condom Challenge’ – if you know how these dares go, you’ll already likely have this figured out – where participants film themselves inhaling a condom up the nose, unwrapped, only to pull it back out through their mouths. While this may not sound anywhere near as potentially harmful as the Tide Pod stunts of earlier this year, you need to consider the choking risk – and the fact that some condoms come with spermicidal lube, meaning that many people may find themselves at risk of allergic reaction. Once again – it’s an online stunt and craze which really seems to be pushing boundaries – and to say it hasn’t gone down well with parents and the mass media is putting it mildly.

Watch: "Condom snorting challenge" a dangerous trend among U.S. teens
[Warning: This video may contain images that some people find disturbing]

There have been moves made already in an effort to dissuade people from aping the stunt, particularly as it is another potential chance for anyone involved to find themselves in a lot of pain – or worse. While snorting a condom outright is hardly advisable, there are also risks – obviously – in accidentally swallowing one completely. There have been cases reported of appendicitis having been caused by accidental swallowing, which – for those of you who have suffered with it in the past will know – is both extremely painful and life-threatening. The question professionals are asking – yet again – appears to be ‘is it worth it’? Tipping an ice bucket over your head is one thing – but swallowing laundry detergent and snorting condoms may be pushing things slightly – we’re sure you’ll agree!


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