Trump vs Comey - What Happens Now?

June 12, 2017
by Graham Pierrepoint -

US Politics has been just as dramatic last week as UK affairs, it would seem – as former FBI Director James Comey appeared to testify on oath before the Senate with regard to his involvement with the Trump administration. Comey was in charge of leading an inquiry into potential links between Donald Trump’s top team and Russian intelligence – only to be sacked by the Commander in Chief as a result of previous discussions regarding Hillary Clinton’s use of her email server. This, at the time, was taken to be truth – however, Comey has shed sensational light on what he swears has gone down behind the White House doors, and Trump has responded by claiming Comey to be a liar and a leaker.

Comey advised Congress while under oath that he felt pressurized into dropping an investigation into links between Russian and Trump’s former security chief, Michael Flynn. Flynn, of course, found himself out of work as a result of misleading on just how much contact he’d had with the Russian ambassador – but Comey further denounced Trump as having defamed him with ‘lies’. The former FBI chief had in fact began making sure that all contact and conversations he had with Trump were backed up in case the President lied.

Trump has taken to Twitter to denounce Comey in turn, with the Director also stating that the President had made a point of requesting ‘loyalty’ as necessity. One of the main sticking points in the hearing – one which will be mulled over for some time – was the revelation that, in relation to an investigation taking place into Flynn’s actions vis-à-vis Russia, Trump had allegedly advised Comey that he ‘hoped’ the director could ‘let (this) go’. Comey, by his own admission, had taken this statement to be a direction – meaning that, allegations aside, we may be looking at a matter of semantics and interpretation.

Regardless of Comey’s evidence, the investigation continues as pressure mounts on Trump and his top team. Many media outlets now mull over whether or not Trump obstructed justice, or at least knowingly intended to – which, of course, has led to further speculation over whether or not the President will face impeachment. At present, the Republican Party appears to be holding firm – but it is not yet clear how far down the rabbit hole will go. Anyone previously caught thinking politics was boring – take a good look at the news!


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