Is There A Chance THE ROCK May Run For President?

May 12, 2017
by Graham Pierrepoint -

No matter what you may personally think about current US President Donald Trump, his election this past November has proven that you can easily come from the world of business and entertainment and make a go of it in politics – if Hollywood star Ronald Reagan hadn’t proven that over thirty years prior! Trump’s election, of course, led to a flurry of speculation from Democrat supporters and those opposed to Trump’s leadership as to who could possibly face off against the ex-Apprentice star in the next election to arise in 2020. Popular candidates on social media have included Michelle Obama, who has outright stated she will not be running in three years’ time – and movie star and wrestler Dwayne Johnson, who this week has added even more fuel to the fire of speculation by remaining altogether rather open on his chances of running for the top job.

Johnson, who came to prominence via his alter ego The Rock via the WWE in the late 90s, has become something of a household name – having helped to bring the Fast and Furious franchise to critical highs and having played one half of the main duo in Disney’s blockbuster animation Moana. Alongside this, he’s even got starring roles in remakes of Baywatch and Jumanji coming up, meaning he’s going to be a star that’s hard to miss in the months and years to come – and this week, he opened up to GQ Magazine about a real possibility that he may one day run for the US Presidency.

Following an article published in the Washington Post regarding his potential for moving into the world of politics, Johnson has stated that he has given it consideration – having realized that his opinion and place in US politics held considerable weight after having been approached by campaigns for both Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2016 for an endorsement. Johnson declined both campaigns – and while he had criticized the recent controversial travel ban implemented and later retooled by the Trump administration, The Rock is not clear on exactly where his allegiance lies.

While the interview with GQ does not guarantee he will approach the world of politics in the years to come, it is interesting to note that he has not ruled out the possibility at all – and for many people, regardless of Johnson having no prior links to any party – it could be a golden opportunity for millions of Americans to find their voice against Trump in 2020.


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