Why Has Sean Spicer Been Hiding Behind A Bush?

May 12, 2017
by Graham Pierrepoint -

Anyone with more than a little interest in US politics will no doubt be well aware that there has been considerable controversy surrounding President Donald Trump’s recent decision to sack James Comey, head of the FBI, during a time when the Bureau is directly investigating his administration’s alleged links with Russia ahead of their election in November last year. It’s a move that some aren’t surprised about, while many media outlets have raised concerns over where various investigations may go from here. Regardless of where you stand on the removal of Comey as director, a certain member of Trump’s team received an entirely different type of press this week – it’s Sean Spicer, who, once again, appears to generate much of his own press while handling the President’s own affairs.

Social media went more than a little wacky this week when it emerged that, in order to avoid attention from a baying press mob regarding the recent decisions made re Comey, Spicer allegedly took solace from the crowd by hiding behind a hedge after giving an interview on the evening of Tuesday 16th. The Washington Post reports this occurred after the press secretary was in high demand after the news broke regarding Trump’s removal of Comey from the FBI post. Spicer revealed himself, however, after several minutes and agreed to answer questions on the proviso that he would not be filmed while doing so. Was this a move in light of some of the headlines that the press advisor has grabbed in recent months – or was it to try and protect the Commander in Chief? Either way, once the internet grabbed hold of the news, it ran with it and lampooned the incident to the fullest on Twitter and elsewhere.

Trump’s team has faced an ongoing investigation from the FBI regarding alleged discussions with Russia for some time now, though the President has asserted that the reason for Comey’s removal was related to his involvement in launching an investigation into Hillary Clinton over her email use just days from the big election. Regardless of Trump’s reasons for removing Comey from the job, eyes will keenly remain on his team as they ride the allegations ahead – and for Spicer, it may mean living down a number of headlines and memes generating off the back of his decision to retreat behind Bushes – and we don’t mean the previous US Presidents!


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