Has Trump Tried to Fire John Kelly? Allegedly So - But He Can’t

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on October 12, 2018
by 👨‍💻 Adam Yardley

US President Donald Trump has seen a number of different names in his White House Staff leave the Presidential circle throughout his term, whether they resign, are fired, or otherwise – and one relationship that the press has been keeping an eye on over the past few months is that held between the President and Chief of Staff John Kelly. Kelly was drafted in to help bring changes, of sorts, to the running of the White House – though if recent reports are to be believed, it seems that Trump may have continued to look into ways through which Kelly can be removed altogether.

An anonymous White House source has informed New York Magazine that Trump wants to remove Kelly from his staff, but ‘doesn’t know who to call to fire him’. This, it’s believed – if true – revolves around the fact that Kelly himself carries out the dismissals. It’s also believed that, since Kelly’s appointment, the President has attempted to quash some of the Chief’s proposals and processes during his tenure at the White House. There’s alleged moments published by the likes of Bob Woodward – the journalist famous for covering Watergate – where Kelly reportedly referred to Trump as an ‘idiot’ on a number of different occasions as well as being ‘unhinged’.

“Normally if the president wanted to fire somebody, he would call Kelly to do it. But there’s nobody else to call,” the anonymous source advised. “When the president says, I need you to leave, Kelly just ignores him.”

Both Trump and Kelly have, however, remained positive about each other in public when it comes to talking about each other. “He’s a great president,” Kelly says of Trump. “Do we disagree sometimes? We do. My job is to make sure that man has all of the information available from whatever source so that he makes the best decision, and then, when that decision is made, my job is to then implement that decision.” Trump, too, has been complementary about his Chief of Staff, despite rumors being rife to the contrary. “General Kelly’s doing a very good job,” Trump advised recently. “We have a very good relationship. The White House is running very, very smoothly.”

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