Hurricane Florence Is on the Move - Here's What to Expect

September 13, 2018
by Stephanie Boyd -

2017 was a year for devastation and destruction as far as tropical storms were concerned in the US – with both Harvey and Irma causing untold chaos across the states last summer – but it seems that the latest big-name storm could be set to cause more misery to families across several states in the weeks to come. Hurricane Florence is very much being touted as a weather phenomenon to prepare for – as some households are being ordered to evacuate completely.

If predictions are to be believed, the major hurricane is set to move inland towards North Carolina and South Carolina as the week progresses, with families in Virginia also having largely been advised to make way for what may be one of the biggest natural threats to the Carolina coast in recent history. According to sources, around 1.7 million people have been advised by officials to start evacuating their homes as Florence begins to move inland – which could happen as soon as Friday. Although the storm has recently been downgraded from category four to category two, it could still result in considerable devastation and financial ruin for families across the east coast. If people don’t start to act soon, it may even mean loss of life if due care isn’t taken.

North Carolina Residents Prepare For Hurricane Florence

The total financial cost of Hurricane Florence could top that of $170 billion, meaning that over 750,000 properties – homes and businesses alike – could face complete destruction. US President Donald Trump has advised locals to adhere to officials’ warnings with regard to the oncoming storm, stating that ‘bad things can happen when you are talking about a storm this size.’ “Get out of its way, don’t play games with it,” the President attested.

It’s thought that Florence will be such a devastating storm in part due to the fact it is set to hover around inland before disappearing into the wind – and that it will likely bring in up to 100cm of rainfall. Georgia is the next state along which could be at risk of devastation – meaning that it is likely families there could face similar warnings if Florence starts to evolve beyond all expectation.

Over 10 Million People In Path Of Hurricane Florence

For now, at least – families across at least three states are being advised to make way for what appears to be the latest in a long line of horrendous weather – which will hopefully vanish soon.


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