Just When You Thought 2016 Was Dramatic Enough - It's 2017, And Cadbury's Are Increasing The Price Of Freddo Bars

January 13, 2017
by Graham Pierrepoint -

Brexit has had a way of affecting an awful lot of people, and it hasn’t even occurred yet – Prime Minister Theresa May is currently waiting to see whether or not the UK should be privy to MP approval over whether or not Article 50 should be activated – but the biggest inch for many has occurred thanks to the prospective economic changes on the horizon. Many manufacturers have faced up to the fact that they may need to increase costs – these include foreign firms – but there has been a particularly dramatic price increase in one of the UK’s favorite chocolate properties this week. So dramatic, in fact, that British media has seized upon it – and social media is likely to be going into meltdown as a result.

Freddo bars – frog-shaped chocolate that was a staple diet of British schoolchildren in the 1990s – was famed for being as low as 10p (12c) at its height. The brand in fact originated in Australia but was sold to Cadbury’s, where its initial run saw fans in the 1970s. The chocolate has seen little in the way of evolution over the years barring the introduction of a caramel variation and a price increase – but sweeth tooths are hopping mad at the suggestion that Mondelez, responsible for Cadbury and other household brands, are to increase the price of Freddos by 20%. This means that anyone looking to get their fix of chocolate amphibians will need to pay 35p per bar in the coming weeks – which, at a chocolate weighing just 15g, many are finding hard to swallow.

Mondelez advises that select price increases are being sought as a last resort in line with the reduction in the power of the British Pound, which has taken heavy blows as a result of Brexit looming on the horizon. The company is also responsible for popular triangular treat Toblerone, which itself received negative press in late 2016 as a redesign left consumers with only a fraction of the chocolate ridges they had grown accustomed to. With doom and gloom perpetuating the news in the past year, it seems that the British public are certainly passionate about their chocolate – will the wider public swallow chocolate frogs at the heftier price of 30p per 15g? And which foods and brands will follow suit as we approach Brexit? There’s one thing for certain – chocoholics may do well to stockpile their favorite treats ahead of any further hiking!


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