Are We Headed for a Brexit Meltdown? Ask Boris Johnson

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on June 11, 2018
by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union – decided in a referendum around two years ago at the time of writing – has resulted in nothing short of a media firestorm. The country remains divided on what the best option to take regarding EU membership, and Brexit, really is – with Prime Minister Theresa May, having faced her own struggles as leader of the country in recent years, continuing to push forward with her mandate for leaving the Union. However, she has been beaten back in Parliament on a number of issues – and though there seems to be motions on the horizon to try and retain what some will call the ‘Hard Brexit’ approach, a number of memos leaked in recent days show that some experts are concerned that the country will be heading towards a ‘Mad Max’ style outcome – with medicine, nutrition and more set to dwindle in supply once Brexit actually goes ahead should the UK leave without a deal agreed.

Brace for a possible 'Brexit meltdown' but don't panic, UK's Johnson cautions: BuzzFeed

Quite how everything will go down remains to be seen – though we are steamrolling ahead towards March 2019, when the final deal is thought to be thrashed out. After several very public words being shared between EU officials and the British government, a leaked recording of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson – who also helped to spearhead the ‘Leave’ campaign for the EU referendum – appears to detail the minister admitting that there may be a ‘meltdown’ ahead. That’s not all – as he also appears to advise that the Brexit that occurs may not be the one that has been sought after.

Leaked comments were sourced by Buzzfeed News and appeared to catch Mr Johnson during a discussion about Brexit and, in other matters entirely, his thoughts on US President Donald Trump. “You’ve got to face the fact that there may now be a meltdown,” Johnson advised, referring to Brexit, and to PM May’s discourse with the EU during leave negotiations. “It’s all going to be all right in the end,” he added, with a positive note.

Trump could handle Brexit better than May, Boris says

The comments are thought to have been recorded and leaked from a private conversation, meaning it’s unclear under what circumstances this data has exactly arisen – but it is clear that Mr Johnson remains one of the maverick members of May’s cabinet, a continuing face of Brexit – will it be ‘all right in the end’? Let’s check back in March!


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